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by Adie
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I am setting-up a new travel agency (domestic and international) and I am having trouble finding a good business name. This name will be used for both offline and online (website). I don't have any problem with the domain as I can always pick a good one but I am having a hard time thinking of anything related to travel and tours.

So far, I come-up with something like this:

Happy Trip Travel and Tours
Experience Miles of Smile

Can anyone suggest a good one. Is the above okay?

Thank you
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    Make a list of all the "wants your prospects have in you niche. Use their words. Then identify the words that are used the most often, gear your travel business towards that, and then choose a domain name that uses their words.

    Then those people who search on that keyword phrase will find you first.

    Cheers, Bruce

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    Bruce Hoag, PhD

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    It's actually a franchise business so the brand is not in question. Thanks for the links

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    Ever tried a Gig on Fiverr?
    I got someone gave me a very good idea when I'm stuck and have no idea at all.
    I think she's miacarter

    Good luck!

    Don't worry be happy!

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    When using a business name, I usually go for a name relating to that thing that inspired me to start the business
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        Mucky Gibbons Travel
        Outside of your habitat...
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    I think the shorter the better. What about TravelFox, NeoTravel.
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    since you are going to promote it online, I would suggest you use google keyword tool to do a keyword search related to travel, tour,holiday,vacation...use the keyword to be your business certainly benefit you a lot. Just an idea to you....hope this help.
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  • Travel Marvel
    Travelling Just Got Smarter ;D
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    Originally Posted by Adie View Post

    Happy Trip Travel and Tours
    Experience Miles of Smile

    Can anyone suggest a good one. Is the above okay?
    Um...sorry, but that name sounds too cutesy to me. Kind of 60's hippy-ish. The tag line isn't as bad, but I'd leave off the "Experience" part and add an "s" so it was "Miles of Smiles" if you want to use that.

    I'd go for something descriptive, like TravelWorld or TravelSmart (both are probably already taken, I just used them for examples).

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    According to the top experts (psychologists who study sales and persuasion) short, simple names enhance your business prospects (Google, IBM, Pepsi, etc), or else go for aliteration (Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts, BlockBuster) or rhyme (Lean Cuisine).

    Remember, although every word and short combination of words is already taken in the .com form, you can always make up words that are either catchy, or which convey their meaning despite being made up: Travtours, TourStar, etc.
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