Has Anyone Split Tested Colors -Difference Between Red, Blue etc

by Sean A McAlister 2 replies
Hey Warriors,

I am wondering if anyone has any split
test results pertaining to colors....

or input

I understand the fact that you should
have no more than 2 -3 colors, fonts etc.

My question is...with your call to action
and Bold descriptions describing the
"benefits" has any one color worked better?

I am a fan and believer in Royal Blue
for "Call to Action", Black Font in Bold for
benefits and features and Red for "key"
urgency phrases.....

However, I could be a fan for a losing team
so any input would be helpful

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    The only test results that really matter are your own.

    It's a 5-minute test to setup
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      Yes, I have seen major change with the font color and font. If used to do continuos split testing to maximize the profits.

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