Best place to learn photoshop and dreamweaver, to make great websites

by AGP
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Hi folks ,

I have just purchased dreamweaver and photoshop 6 and was looking for a place where I can learn the best techniques for putting toghether some really nice sites.

Since starting IM around a year ago I have always used WP to make my sites mainly affiliate sites , clickbank products etc .

I really enjoy putting the sites toghether but find wordpress abit limiting and want to learn a new skill. The site i have in mind isnt a money site just for a hobby to start.

I have had a play around with both but i learn best from a bit of guidance.
Any books or video course any of you used to learn how to use the software.
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    Here you go: Dreamweaver Tutorials from

    You're Welcome ...
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    Have you tried Haven't used it personally, but it's a pretty reliable resource.

    Just curious- why choose Dreamweaver over using WordPress with a custom theme? Have you tried using WordPress with a theme such as Thesis/Genesis? If not, that should take care of your "but find wordpress abit limiting" problem. Although you'll have limited control over the HTML. Plus you won't have the satisfaction of having built the site yourself.

    Did I just answer my own question?
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    There are some guys out there who can teach you how to use Photoshop to the top notch, guys like howard, this man is very good at teaching photoshop, you can check him out at Photoshop Video Training from IceflowStudios - YouTube, Scott Kelby also wrote a great book on how to use photoshop effective, you can found that amazon. Here is another link wihcih i think will help you along the way hope this help.
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    Agreed on Lynda. Their teachers are superb at teaching.

    There's also Udemy - Online Courses from the World's Experts. They're currently running a 75% off sale with code SUCCESS75.

    Photoshop CS6 Tutorial

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    @Utterleyweb . Wordpress is fine for what im doing, but yeah i would like to learn a new skill i chose dreamweaver as I used it in college many moons ago and since then have forgot everything i learnt

    @Jesus Perez - Thanks for the heads up and the code - never come across Udemy will be checking out some of those course's
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    It seems to me that is the right place for you. They charge $35/month for premim access and $25/month for the basic membership. If you have a slow Internet connection you will find problems watching the videos as they are high quality.
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    Do you want to be an internet marketer or a web designer?

    Big difference

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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  • Profile picture of the author Henry B is another great place for Photoshop and Dreamweaver training.

    Go to Courses > Creative & Web
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      I agree with a lot of the others. I've had a subscription to for well over a year now and it really pays for itself. Even if you just take baby steps and soak in one new thing a day in a program, it's crazy how much you can learn there.

      We can all agree, wouldn't a small portion of our days last month have been better spent getting more familiar with a piece of software that gets us closer to where we want to be? Or at least helps us get there faster?

      Also, Kelby Training is good too. They've got some great photoshop stuff on there, but hadn't checked out their dreamweaver etc. Lots of these places are pretty damn cheap, so just start somewhere then find what's best for your needs.
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    In all honesty, you are much better off outsourcing or using themes. Quality design and coding takes a long time to master. And as soon as you do, it becomes outdated.

    I do use Photoshop quite a bit, and often edit some theme pages right inside of Wordpress. I have also built custom themes. But, at the end of the day, my time is much better spent developing content, tracking, and testing than refreshing a page 10 times trying to get the nested divs to align properly across browsers.
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