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Hey Warrior's,

I'm looking to set-up a store for my website. I just don't have any ideas how to go about this. I want to associate it with a affiliate program. Where I could get commission. Which would be the best way of doing this? I'm going to be putting my store onto my site. This is my first time attempting this so I'm not sure how to go about this.

Thank you
Jay W.
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    Sorry about that lol.... Its mens health. So mainly health supplements such as vitamins, protein, etc. My target market are men obviously. I just want to put a store on my site. So should I look for other websites offering affiliate programing? I'm not exactly sure.
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    If your trying to bridge into the men's health market using an online store, why not just sell your own products or services?
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    Well, if it's about men's health, you could find all sorts of products on Amazon (be an Amazon affiliate)...supplements, exercise equipment, Kindle books, etc. Then be sure to fill your website with HELPFUL content (and market it using content). MarketHealth.com is another affiliate site to check out as it's full of health products for affiliates.
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    i've heard and used Free Ecommerce Website - Create your own online shop with FreeWebstore which is nice ... no technical skills really required
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    If you have own products or service it may be better to try to offer if.
    Otherwise, you can also look for other website with affiliate program to try.
    is worth to check for health affiliate program

    Don't worry be happy!

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      You have plenty of options;
      1. Amazon stores, can have it set up in 5 minutes, copy code onto your site
      2. Cafepress; sell T-shirts on just about anthing
      3. Zazzle; also another t-shirt store
      2. Big commerce, have a partner pogram, if some one buys from your link.
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    An Amazon store could be a good option.

    It really depends on which market your site is in.

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