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If I have an amazon site, its got about 30 pages, and it has good converting (I know from other sites) articles, could I sell it without doing SEO or generating sales?
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    You won't be able to sell it for much, I suspect. There are brand new Amazon store sites for sale at places like Flippa so you can check out what those sites sold for, but without traffic and especially sales revenue, all you are selling is a bunch of articles.

    How much are 30 articles worth?
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    Usually a site sells for 5 to 20 times the monthly revenue depending on how passively that revenue is generated.
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    I know from my days of selling sites, that the competition has become a lot more stiff. Sites that sell best have proof of sales. This does not mean that you cannot sell a website that is not generating sales yet, but you have to expect much less, and it has to be in a popular niche.
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    You would be able to make way more if you got it making some money. Sites tend to sell for 10 months of its current monthly earnings
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      Sometimes old website (2+ years old ) with high search engine rank (3+) with quality backlinks sell for over 1.5k on Flippa

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    It all depends on the amount of traffic you are getting. A savvy flippa buyer will want to know that.
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    Originally Posted by zspuckl View Post

    ........... could I sell it without doing SEO or generating sales?
    yes you can sell it, but you may not be able to get it sold at your desirable price, if you have the chance you should try as mush possible and generate some sales before flip the site so as to attract better price tag.
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    The sites that sell best on Flippa have proof of income, or proof of traffic or are aged domains with backlinks. But some sites do sell well if they have potential, and are marketed properly. The best way to see what works is to look at completed sales in Flippa.
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    You need to provide proof of income first if you want to sell the site, however depending on the niche, you can sell the site only with age and traffic. Flippa is the way to go if you want to get the most for your site as well.
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