Best Advice For Beginners

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Whats the best advice you would give a beginner?
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    Build a List.
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    Action. Implement things. Adjust your strategy on the go.
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      Definitely build a list by offering freebies related to your product/service so the people who have received the freebie are primed to buy your product as they already know you and trust you.

      It's all in the list and don't forget repeat buyers are a whole cheaper to market too than constantly marketing to get new buyers.

      Method Monster has lots of information to newbies.
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    Build a list! I wish i would have done that first and now im in the process of it.
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    To learn to use the search to avoid embarrassment for asking questions that were answered 100 times...

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      Originally Posted by Istvan Horvath View Post

      To learn to use the search to avoid embarrassment for asking questions that were answered 100 times...
      Right?? its a daily question here, that and "review my site"
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      Originally Posted by Istvan Horvath View Post

      To learn to use the search to avoid embarrassment for asking questions that were answered 100 times...
      I asked about it just like they asked about it.
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        Building a list seems to be the favorite.
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    "Build a list" isn't the first thing I'd suggest to a beginner though it seems to be common advice. Building a list, the correct list, methods of building it, funneling and monetizing your list are all things to learn yes..but...

    ...first thing I'd say is learn salesmanship.
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    dont jump from opportunity to opportunity, pick one and stick with it, apply daily focused effort and don't expect to make millions overnight
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    Before building a list, learn to think about things (in particular, the thing you're selling) from your customer's viewpoint.

    If you don't have your customer's viewpoint down pretty well, having a list isn't going to do you any good.
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      I would say do some research to get some general knowledge of the different methods to make money with internet marketing. There are quite of few. After that decide on which method sounds best for you and which one you want to implement.

      Then as others said, take action with that method. One problem people have is jumping around trying lots of different methods and most the time that leads to failure. They loose money by testing very little, failing, and spending more money on new methods and it keeps going. Stick to one and try to become successful at it.

      It doesn't hurt to venture into other methods but don't jump around like crazy.

      One more thing (and i've seen threads about this). If you actually start making money, even if it is very very little, don't skip to another method. People get discouraged because they only make $5/day and decide to try something new instead. Well if your making $5/day then you are already ahead of most. So figure out how to duplicate your results and scale.
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    Take action. Daily. Most beginners expect success to come overnight and it just doesn't happen like that. It's like anything else in that it requires hard work, ingenuity, perseverance, and risk taking. Formulate a plan to make money online and then act on it.
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    Decide on a niche and an strategy, and keep working on it. try no to jumpo from one idea to the next without finishing one firts.
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      This same question has been posted hundreds of times.

      But, the advice I would give, and something that I am implementing myself with success, is to focus on one thing at a time.

      Many beginners make the mistake of looking at all of the options out there (there are millions); and they don't get anything done.

      Focus your efforts, and of course, build a list from the beginning.

      If you have any fitness or nutrition related issues, head over to
      JJStrength for tips on getting fit and staying healthy.
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    Experience, it is the MUST thing! hurdles are the D-factor to your success!
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    Originally Posted by denhinn View Post

    Whats the best advice you would give a beginner?
    1. Work hard
    2. Don't do too many things at the same time - do one thing and do it well
    3. Build a list form day one
    4. Take action everyday
    5. Don't spend too much time on Facebook or forums.
    6. Don't pursue one shiny object after another
    7. Use free traffic first before you use paid traffic

    Hope it is useful for you

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    Mindset and persistence is all you need to gain success in any aspect of your life.
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    F -- Follow
    O -- One
    C -- Course
    U -- Until
    S -- Successful
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      Originally Posted by DerekGann View Post


      F -- Follow
      O -- One
      C -- Course
      U -- Until
      S -- Successful
      Really neat way to stregthen your point.
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    Keep learning and put it into practice.
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      I'd start with advice that also doubles as a review of the basics:

      "There is no such thing as a free lunch."

      Because whether it's working for a business or running one, failure to understand that is usually the beginning of problems (a lot of them at least).
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    From what I've seen, the best way to make money for beginners is via blogging. Blogging is when you set up a blog (a type of website which shows your latest post at the top) on a particular subject you are knowledgeable about or have an interest in.

    I make $50 every 3 hours. Learn my methods here:

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    Originally Posted by denhinn View Post

    Whats the best advice you would give a beginner?
    My advice for any new internet comer are you must not chase any get rich quick scheme, focus on long term success, hire successful mentor, learn the basic things, take massive action, always find lesson in any failure and lastly never give up.
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    Invest in good mentorship. It will save you lots of time..
    Stop looking for quick secret method that claim incredible results.. Not such stuffs!!
    Hard works is the only successful method.
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    Originally Posted by iPresenceBizSolutions View Post

    While almost everyone has advised you to build a list, I'd like to ask (instead of suggest) your core gift. What is your niche on Internet Marketing? I assume you're a beginner in Internet Marketing since you're in an IM forum.

    I agree with you. first finalize what you really want to be or to do?? there are different departments/sectors within internet marketing..

    first pick one specific sector and make yourself expert in it. than go for next...
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    Spend lots of time here at WF learning the ins and outs of the I'm game as soon as possible. Get coaching from a WSO after talking to some of the past clients of the coach.
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    Get a coach! Getting a coach will really shorten your learning curve.

    Do some research ... scratch that ... do lot's of research.

    There is nothing better than getting exactly what you need from someone who does exactly what you want to do.
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    Mentality-wise: Take action; do something worthwhile to advance your business every day.

    Methods-wise: Build a list and treat your subscribers like kings.

    Hope this helps.
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    Here's my daily to-do list (and you will laugh your ass off and ask me, "WTF, Max?"):

    1. Exercise at least one hour (or two if you can) every day

    2. Eat healthy (no freaking processed foods) every day

    3. NEVER masturbate (even if you are woman, it destroys your drive to take action), not even as a "bonus" or "reward" for yourself, get the real thing instead

    4. Meditate 10 to 20 minutes each day (just focus on your breathing and look at your thoughts as if they were clouds passing you by on the sky) every day

    5. Get enough sleep every night (at least 7-8 hours, it is heavily debated whether you can sleep more or less and still be equally productive)

    6. Work without interruption (turn off all social media including your fancy smartphone) for 60 to 90 minutes per session

    7. Read, read, and read great books on marketing and human psychology since that will be what you will be selling to, not machines or usernames online

    That's a rough start, but great stuff to implement daily to get started on the right track! ^^,

    Take Care & Have An Awesome Day! / Max "MaxTheMarketer" K.

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      [QUOTE=MaxTheMarketer;7612036]Here's my daily to-do list (and you will laugh your ass off and ask me, "WTF, Max?"):

      3. NEVER masturbate (even if you are woman, it destroys your drive to take action), not even as a "bonus" or "reward" for yourself, get the real thing instead

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    Never eat yellow snow and do not spit into the wind.
    Free 40-page eBook "How To Earn With CPA Offers"
    + 14 Free Traffic Training Videos -
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    A List (or a couple of them on multiple niches). IM changes every single day and a list it's everything you can take with you if something new hits your business.

    Update: Agree with Max about some health habits. Meditation it's also great to stay focused etc.
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    Make sure you actually take some time to do research.
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    Get a coach!
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      Build your list, create a product and affiliate program, find affiliates to promote, stay away from so much social media, continue networking and building more JV partners, create your own services such as coaching / consultation, create results first which will bring the branding, not the branding bringing the results.
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        The fist thing I learned about was building a list then got off into other methods then cent back to the list.
        ►This system pulled in over 25,000 sales in 2013 right under your nose and you probably laughed at it. But while you were laughing we were laughing all the way to the bank. Some to the tune of 6 and 7 figures. This year 10 times...

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    Learn by doing, rather than by buying every product under the sun. Change your mindset from buyer/opportunity seeker to seller and business person.
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    Pick out a niche I knew something about.
    Build a list.
    Rinse and repeat.
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    Do some research, use the search button. That way we are not subjected to the same questions followed by the same answers every day...
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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    Get a Warroom membership, browse for a couple days, or a week at most, then decide what you want to do, once you have the lay of the land.

    You need to get with someone who resonates with you, follow their method, ask them questions (only after making an honest attempt to understand the stuff they just taught you; don't be like the lazy Warriors who ask questions that show they never even read the material the person took the time to produce), and follow their advice with honest work.

    Do not be led astray by random Warriors telling you which path is for you without even knowing your interests and goals. Threads like this can lead to wasting years of your life on someone else's favorite path that doesn't suit you.

    Actually, uber-general questions like yours also lead people to suspect you can't be bothered to research what paths are available; you need to browse more so you can be more specific, and you'll get better answers that way anyway. Not trying to be harsh, but you can see that is true if you think about it. I'm trying to save you a lot of wasted time.
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  • It's ridiculously foolish to give out investment and startup business advice when the person has yet to study his or her existing resources and financial portfolio. So, I'll hand out advice on how to study your existing resources and financial portfolio, in order to determine if you are indeed prepared to invest in a venture that could potentially earn good net profits for you, without negatively affecting your current lifestyle, in case problems happen (so you won't end up as a homeless hype on welfare with a bad drug and alcohol addiction):

    1. Sources of Sustainable Income -- Do you have existing sources of sustainable income? If so, what sort of time (don't touch your money from your sustainable income for investments, since those should be for your savings) are you left with, that you could invest in a startup business? If you don't have any source of sustainable income, then what are your specialized skills and expertise in particular industries and subject areas? Find growing businesses with financially stable resources that need someone like you.

    2. Savings - Are you comfortably hitting your monthly target savings from your sustainable income sources? Don't touch your savings for investments, since you should remain liquid at all times, especially in this economy.

    3. Credit and Network Resources -- As your sustainable income sources and savings grow, so do your credit and network resources. Use those credit resources to buy assets first, particularly assets that can be quickly liquidated for a profit when needed, then to partner with some of your network resources (if you want to) and use your credit resources to invest in potentially profitable business ventures. However:

    • Before you invest in any business, particularly in businesses that could negatively affect your existing lifestyle in case problems happen, assess if your credit resources are enough to keep you afloat in the next 3 to 5 years, without any changes to your existing lifestyle, in case you lose your major sources of sustainable income. And, assess if your savings can steadily replenish your credit resources during this period. Also, assess if liquidating your assets, when needed, can replenish your savings during this period. This will give you more than enough time to recover and establish new sources of sustainable income.

    4. Assets -- Use your credit resources to purchase assets that can quickly be liquidated for a profit when needed, as I mentioned above. Growing assets will help grow your credit resources.

    5. Investments -- At this point, the four fundamental elements of your financial portfolio (the four things above) should be growing (or at least stable enough) to allow you to invest in ventures that could potentially earn good net profits for you. In time, these investments could potentially grow your sustainable income sources, savings, credit and network resources and assets...
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    Work hard. You can 'play' when the money starts rolling in.
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      one more thing don't buy course after course, if you buy one just follow it untill you reach your goals
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      Stop jumping from one WSO to another or one method to another. Carefully choose a business model and be good at it. And the most important is: Take action!

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    First things you have to learn is,
    • There is no such thing as a magic bullet
    • You cannot get rich overnight
    • you will have to work hard to make money
    • This industry is full of false 'guru's'
    Once that is understood and digested the better ground you will be on to suceed.

    You need to make sure you follow the right people or you will just get taken round and round in circles. I have a cheap wso/report releasing next week on this very subject, something every beginner needs!
    Feel free to chat if you live in the UK I may have something for you!
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      Get a good mentor/coach. I had the pleasure of linking up with sreeharshasp here on the warrior. He is a good coach. He even offers a one hour free consultation and I must say the free info was gold. Haven't got a chance to implement yet but will be adding what he taught me as a income stream very shortly.
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    1 - Don't buy every damn offer that comes in your inbox
    2 - Don't procrastinate when you find something you want to try
    3 - Build a list from the beginning as motivation to keep pushing, no body wants to throw away a perfectly good list even if sales hadn't come in yet.
    4 - Make monthly goals and evaluate yourself - Did I hit my goals if no, what can I do next month to get there.

    Please do not use your signature to promote affiliate/MLM programs

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      1. Positive thinking is necessary, but not sufficient, for your success. You NEED to combine it with action.

      2. Forget about "making money" (for now). Focus on learning as much as you can. Hone the skills you need to become a producer. Give as much value as you can, to as many people as you can, and money will come back to you.

      3. Don't get caught up in learning IM only. IM is just a medium for your message. Learn marketing, sales and networking. You'll figure out how to apply them to your advantage online.

      4. There is no such thing as failure. Failure is a concept in the human mind. View every opportunity and setback as an essential lesson in your development. Extract the lessons from these "failures" because they'll be the most valuable you'll ever learn. Do you think a lion gets down on himself because he "failed" when he didn't catch that gazelle? Hell no. He just does what he has to do to get the next one.

      5. Only sell products/services you believe in. Are you tempted to sell that hot new info product that you saw on clickbank... but you think it might suck? Don't do it. If you can't stand behind what you're selling, 100% behind it, then you're hindering your ability to create the best marketing messages. Better yet, create a product or service yourself that's so good you just have to get it out there to the market.

      6. Don't listen to people (like us) with our checklists. There are no rules, with the exception of this one: you can only do what works for you. Trust yourself, don't give up. You will make it.
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      ………See How Here (Keyboard Jockeys and Wannabes Need Not Apply)
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    Find something people want.

    Work on that idea a lot. Figure out strengths and weaknesses.

    Work on the product.

    Never give up.
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    At first you have to realized that what do you want to do.
    Then you have to learn what you like and have to accept all fails as experience.
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    Today's online earning totally depends on anything that has quality. So, writing articles for his own blog should be the first things one should start with is the suggestion from me.

    How To Make Money Online For Beginners - YouTube

    You can check this video for newcomer.
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      Build a list

      Don't buy all that comes in your email box

      Find a mentor and follow

      Take action

      Keep motivated
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    Originally Posted by denhinn View Post

    Whats the best advice you would give a beginner?
    My best advice for a beginner is to create a REAL business.

    Also, don't waste time with get rich quick schemes and buy this and you will rank #1 on Google and it's only $7. Stay away from all of that junk.

    Be prepared to find a market with a need and fill that need. Run it as a real business, advertise, work hard, hustle, and make it happen.
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    Educate yourself. Then realize that you are trying to build a business so break out the pen and paper and write out a business plan. Don't type it write it. There's something magical about good old fashion writing it seems to implant your plan firmly in your mind and help keep you motivated.

    And stay away from blackhat crap it might work short term but it's better to invest your time and money in something that will continue to grow and make money then google or someone else deciding that they don't like it and pull the rug out from under you.
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    If you are a newbie, I would suggest you take up FREE 1 hr consultation from my mentor. After learning from him, i now make living online. Catch him on skype - s r e e h a r s h a s p
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    The #1 one thing i would tell a new person is to focus on one thing at a time and take action..
    Nothing works without action!
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    Be prepared to adjust to changes quickly. Be prepared and make sure you will be able to support your business for the first five years without any income from business. Every time you take your time away from your business, your business takes loss.

    Here is How to Steal Your Competitor’s High PR Backlinks:

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    Get yourself a good mentor or coach it's the only course of action.Thinking you know what your doing and knowing what your doing are two different things!
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    Be Consistent and try to focus one thing at a time
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    Learn, work hard, and dont give up if you fail on the first time..
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    Originally Posted by denhinn View Post

    Whats the best advice you would give a beginner?
    The easiest shortcut to online success is to leverage on the knowledge of someone in the IM industry who had made it online, and you will be able to replicate the same.

    Summary: Have a burning desire for success, get a mentor in your choosing niche, learn the tricks from them, then go to work, and real $$$ will keep pouring into your bank a/c for sure!

    Read through my eCourse @

    NOTE: There is nothing new in the world!!!

    Wishing the best in your journey to financial freedom!
    [Earn With Peace Of Mind] - Safe Online Investment Platform - Paying Since 2014
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