Vimeo or You Tube For Video Blog??

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Hello... I just launched a new web tv show for bar restaurant owners.

I've been posting my new video's on vimeo and putting those on my video blog...

I'm also adding the video to you tube as well...

here's my question...

Am I better off just posting to youtube as far as traffic goes?? I just think the vimeo videos look better..

Please let me know your thoughts...
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    You can post on both of those sites as a means of getting traffic. But for
    videos on your own site, you should really consider using a professional
    hosting service like Amazon S3.

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      Every video site you can find. Why Not?

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        Definitely YouTube! I've got a total of about a million views on YouTube and about 20 on Vimeo. You might as well do both, but YouTube has the biggest potential.
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    You can upload videos to both sites!
    But in terms of traffic YouTube is
    definitely better choice.
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    I use vimeo for clients and youtube for prospects.. if that makes sence...
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    well, it all comes down to what you want to have the videos for, still upload hd video in youtube and I believe its as good as vimeo and faster!
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    for your clients I recommend using an S3 account.
    Vimeo looks great but still it is a 3rd party source that you don't have control over

    For traffic definitely YouTube
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      Both, for traffic, and check out Amazon S3 Service for your clients, (we have used it and we are quite satisfied with it in regards to its cost and effectiveness.)

      But as for publishing the video to get traffic, upload it to as many sites as you can find!

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    Vimeo is more classy and I prefer vimeo to youtube anytime. However, lately there is problem that old/outdated browsers might not show/ load the vimeo videos which are embed to website... So I would go for YT..
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    You could actually use both sites or any other vid sites. The more submissions the better. This will help your content be found by many. Of course submit it first to youtube because of the fact that it many users.

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      Originally Posted by BarbaraMcKinney View Post

      You could actually use both sites or any other vid sites. The more submissions the better. This will help your content be found by many. Of course submit it first to youtube because of the fact that it many users.
      Barabara is absolutely right, but not because it has many users but because it has many viewers. Youtube is your gold account, your main highway, but dont forget to post your video on the secondary roadways and the gravel roads. Lots of leads can be grabbed from there!

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    Yes upload on many websites as you can even there are few video bookmark websites which you can try too...!! And Vimeo looks better for video embedding also upload you video to
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  • Upload them to as many sites as you can. And to really establish your video blog, try to make the channels in these different sites look as similar as possible for consistently like giving it the same channel name. I even customize the layout whenever possible so they would all have the same "look" (or at the very least, same color scheme).
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    youtube is far more better..and it also faster than vimeo..
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    I think you should focus on uploading the videos to YouTube. You will get more traffic from uploading them there, and there is also a higher chance that people will embed your videos on their blogs. It is also a good idea to promote your videos around the web. A good way to promote YouTube videos is to create a Facebook Page. You could post your videos on there and market the Facebook Page to get more likes.
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    If you want to rank your videos well YouTube is the best. Alternatives are Vimeo and Viddler.

    I have also seen Daily Motion videos rank well on Google.

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    On YouTube here are some SEO guidelines to follow to draw traffic to your website:

    File Name: It's very important that you name the file of your video with the main
    keyword that you are targeting. Such as if you are targeting "how to market your bar" should save the video to your computer as "how-to-market-my-bar" or something along those lines. Each of these elements helps Google pick up your content and rank your website better.

    Video Title: Make sure that you use the main keyword you are targeting in your
    title...example: "Learn how to market your bar"

    Tag: Same thing; in the tag section put your main keyword: "bar marketing"; or whatever your best keyword may be. Use Google Keyword Tool to do an analysis and comparison of related keywords and their associated search volumes.

    Video Description: The most important part of this is to include your website name and make sure you include the "http://" before your website url so it is clickable! So your description might be: Restaurant Marketing: Restaurant Marketing to Restaurants in USA & Canada We provide guidance to restaurant and bar owners on marketing their establishments. Click our link to visit our site to see how we can help you!

    Url in Video: This is a priority. Make sure you use your url and an action phrase within your video. Example www.BarOwnersMarketing. Com Visit here to learn how to get people into your bar.

    Learn more about video annotations on your YouTube video here:

    My #1 Tip: The largest mistake I see made when using a video for marketing is only uploading the video to one site, typically YouTube or Vimeo. Make a list of 20-
    100 sites that you want to upload your video to, sign up, and upload your videos. This is an easy one to outsource too. The important thing is that once you have your video you don't just upload to one site. For the websites that don't have an annotation feature, use a title when you edit the video to show your url in the corner of the screen for the duration of the video.

    Example: 1 video nets you 1000 views per month on 1 site. How about getting 1,000 views per month on 50 different sites netting you 50,000 views, you like that right? How about 10 videos averaging 1,000 views per month on 50 sites?

    That equals 500,000 views, and that's plenty of eyeballs to get some traffic going your way.

    Here are some video sites as a starter kit. There are more, hunt around and find the best ones for you.

    Google Videos, Brightcove | The Leading Online Video Platform | Video Hosting, Photo and image hosting, free photo galleries, photo editing | Photobucket, , Movie Reviews & TV Show Reviews | Screen Junkies, Funny Videos, Funny Clips & Funny Pictures |, Watch the Best in Online Video Web Series for Free | Blip, Action Sports on GrindTV - Moto, Snow, Surf, Skate, Bike, Film, Art, Style, Metacafe - Online Video Entertainment - Free video clips for your enjoyment, Music community band photos fashion and celebrities - Buzznet, - Redefining the Media, - Funny Videos, Funny Video Clips, Home Videos and Stupid, Flixya - Share Videos, Photos, Blogs, Free Online Games
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    Just a note to report that I've been having trouble with Vimeo. I uploaded two short videos yesterday, but after 22 hours all I have is a message that my videos were successfully upload but require further processing ("in a few moments"), but they have yet to appear. Youtube seems more reliable.
    Just sayin'
    --Phil Taylor
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    As mentioned before, I would post to both the sites. As many would think other sites like Vimeo wouldn't drive much traffic, I find that they actually do get a good number of organic views. So, they all add up, and since you already have your video content you might as well use it wherever possible.
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    It's clear that neither Vimeo or YouTube offer a huge differential in services to marketers. The choice between the two will likely not be detrimental to your content marketing strategy. However, as you look to make nuanced choices about drawing the right audience, you might find one that works better than the other. If you're using YouTube just as an embedded player, try using Vimeo for a change. Or if you're looking to create viral videos, maybe you should seek out help from a YouTube account.

    The key with all video content is to make it popular by integrating in with a strong social media presence. Learn more about optimizing your social media with our Social Media Optimization Playbook.
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    Hi everyone,

    If you are concern about traffic do all

    YouTube and all the rest you can find

    The more people find you the better!

    It doesn't matter how they will find you

    So go global!

    All the best

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