Ranking Your Kindle Book?

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Anyone know how Amazon default ranks book titles in the Kindle marketplace? I'm assuming by rankings but I can't find a clear answer to this. Also does anyone know if having a longer description helps to rank higher? Seems like this might be the case.
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    The two primary factors that I've noticed are sales and velocity. Something that sells three copies in an hour may rank higher than another that sold three in 24 hours, even if the first didn't sell the rest of the day.

    Select titles are benefited by lending as well. A book that sells two copies and gets one lend seems to be ranked as if it had three sales.
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    By "default rankings" do you mean if you and I both put out a brand new book at the same time, which one would have the higher sales ranking, assuming we had the same number of sales (i.e. zero at first)?

    As far as the longer title, I did go back and change one of my titles where I was selling only one copy a week. I added a GOOD keyword in the subtitle and appended the main title so it would show up more on specific searches. Turns out now I sell 2-3 copies per week, so I think that definitely helped.

    Doubt everything you believe.

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      Yesterday it was interesting. I had 2 sales together in the morning, and it went to position 26 for its main category; along the day there were no more sales and the book moved to 43 first and 64 later.

      I read somewhere in their help files that they update each hour, so the algorithm probably consider the time from the last sale, the speed of sales as Kathy mentioned before, the competition performance. And who knows what else...
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    I have found that it helps to get a lot of free exposure. That means using the five days free promo. People can give you likes and that will boost you. OK so there are many ways. It is like SEO in that many factors enter into the ranking algo, not just book sales and rating, but those are the big ones.
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    Obviously the sales ranking is by sales, of some sort.

    It seems you are asking if someone searches a keyword on Amazon, then how are they ranked, right?

    So I think many are missing the point, here.

    To rank on Amazon for your desired search term, have the keyword in the title and then use the keyword at least once or twice in the description and then use a ton of related terms to the main keyword in the description, as well.

    For length of description, it really doesn't have to be super long. 500 words should be fine as a max.

    You could consider doing backlinks to your book page on Amazon but for me it's not worth it for an Amazon listing. Each to his own, though. I don't write Kindle books to bother with SEO, ha ha. But others have had success with it.
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