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So far, due to time constraints and management, I've been posting quality articles to my blogs every week or so for the past years.

I was thinking of reducing the quality but increase the frequency to some daily posting. I figure I'd give 6 normal updates and then 1 big "quality" update per week.

(Obviously, I'd schedule the posting to save me from working on it every day)

Is this really worth it? Has anyone compared daily posting vs weekly and have results they could share?
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    more pages = more search engine traffic

    Eric Shannon

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    I think its gonna be the same.. Whether U go any one.. it will result in almost same. But it is truly said here.. 'more pages = more search engine traffic'
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    If you are aiming to build a community around your blog, a loyal reader base, you need to concentrate on the quality. One quality post a week would be fine. I know a blog named NorthXEast.Com which did that. It became very popular (mainly because the owner was popular before the blog was started).

    If your main target is search engine traffic, go for quantity. More the posts you have, more traffic you will get.
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    If you can work in out by doing both then it would be fine. It depends on your priority, even if you blog daily but the quality is low, nothing makes sense and your effort will not be well-compensated. There are always a better solution to get more traffic aside from blogging per se. I hope that makes sense. = )
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      I chose daily posting because it can drive traffic in your site. Because if you do have many pages in your blog site the more traffic you could have. Therefore, increase the number of pages and the traffic also increases.
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