Traffic: Wordpress V Hand Coded Sites

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Hey all, I wanted to get some input on this.

I've been building sites for over 20 years and it seems like my wordpress sites always out perform my hand built sites when it comes to being "appreciated" by google.

What's been your experience?
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    its all about markup, clean markup!! use w3c validation services for wp, remove unwanted code, try to think about end user (UX).. google will love your site
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    I think it may just be that people who use wordpress know a little bit more about marketing, since it is recommended all the time in marketing products.
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      That's interesting but I'm talking about my personal experience.

      I play around with hand coded sites and wordpress both. Nothing serious in either case but enough to see a pattern.

      With very little effort I can throw up a wordpress site and fill it with anything and it will generate some traffic and build over time.

      However, when I handcode a site is just doesn't seem to perform as well.

      I dunno, no big deal, just a curiousity of mine.

      I have in mind a site to build but I don't think I can twist wordpress in such a way that it lays out just like I want. So, makes sense to hand code it. But then I say, why not just sacrifice having the layout I want so that the generation of the site as well as the ability of the site to pull traffic are simpler.

      What a sad sate right? umpteen years of coding practice all useless because I can throw up a wordpress site in 10 minutes and do better.

      Oy vey.

      But, why fight it I guess is the lesson.

      If the foe shits. ;-)
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    Well, it depends on what platform you work on since SiteBuildIt is great as well as Wordpress to get traffic. My experience is that Sitesell's sites get more traffic in the long run.
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