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If you have a problem with another Warrior, a Guru, or God, take it up with them directly. Not here. No exceptions.


(1) Maximum length of sig file is 2 lines with a maximum combined height for text and images of 60px

(2) You are only permitted 1 color in your sig file, this can be any color so long as it's black (hyper links can be blue as they come up this way on the board)

(3) Sig files may only be written in the normal standard font size.

(4) You may bold or italicize but that's it.

(5) No Affiliate Links Allowed - Promote Your Own Domain/s Only. It's either this or we have to cut out sig files altogether which we do not want to do.

(6) Anyone Caught Promoting The Same Site/Offer Will Be Deleted. Program owners are telling their members to come here and make posts to promote their offer in their sig files. This has caused tons of useless messages to be posted and it is clogging up the forum. Anyone caught doing this will have to be removed. This is not an ad forum - it is a discussion forum.

We have no problem with someone linking to their WSO within their sig.

Due to certain people trying to find a loophole I needed to add yet another edit. Please do not try to get around these rules by getting your own domain name and simply redirecting it to an affiliate program. You Will Be Removed From Here When Caught.

A simple way to stay within this rule is this:

Promote Your Own Real Web Site And Do Not Listen To Anyone Who Tells You To Come Here Just To Promote A Site They Created For You.


This forum does not allow Avatars that border on porn. Keep them clean or you will be put into a usergroup that can't post avatars.


1. Please don't make it one big advertisement.

2. All Blogs MUST Stay On The Topic Of Making Money, Business, Finance..etc

The Warrior Forum is about making money and we can't have blogs about cooking, weight loss and hairless dogs...etc.

All blogs that are nothing but a 'test' or an 'ad' will be deleted. We will be pruning them on a regular basis.

Edit: Further rules and explanations can be found in the thread at:

The first few posts in this thread may also be helpful:
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