Enough is enough! No more defeats!

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I am sick and tired of being a failure, a procrastinator... I know I have the potential to achieve big things with my marketing, as I am a young and intelligent fella who has been in the game for 2 years (without making money to be noted).

I have all this knowledge, but I have failed to put it to use. But that is about to change.

I have created my first info product, which is basically a guide for fitness enthusiasts on what it takes to get a dream body. It is a very specific guide, with great, practical information and helpful bonusses, and at a low price point. The next step for me is to get affiliates to promote for me, and that is a challenge I am looking forward to.

Also, I have just gotten this GREAT idea for making quick sales with offline marketing! I have 2 years + of experience creating Wordpress websites, so I can fairly quickly crank out some high quality sites. I have bought several offline WSO's in my time, but none of them have really appealed to me... An SEO business is not what I want. But this idea of mine, I think it is BRILLIANT! I won't say more until I have tested it, but I have this feeling that I will have made a few sales before this month is over... And I BADLY need the money so motivation is not a problem.

Anyways, wish me luck warriors! I just needed to make this post to share my current situation and ideas, and to push myself even more by putting myself under some pressure

To your success,
Andreas Jacobsen

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    Congrats on your "decision" to succeed online. This is a very important step. Taking action is also critical.

    I am sure that through the process, you will have some challenges and setbacks so expect them and learn from each one. This is the best way to learn whether something you are doing is working for you or not.

    When things are not going to work for you like you expect them to, just keep going and try doing things from different angles.

    Good luck.
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    Best of luck to you Andreas. You know what you want to do...............so now "just do it" - Hope it's all a huge success for you.


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      Good for you Andreas!

      The best advice I can give you from this point forward is that if you get knocked down... get right back up and keep moving...

      So much crap can happen online (site getting hacked, other website issues, complaints, search engine problems, loss of traffic, loss of sales, poor conversions, and more). When those things happen, don't let it discourage you and keep you from achieving your dream.

      I don't know how many times BLEEP has happened in my business (I'm actually currently going through some issues with all of my blogs with Hostgator), but the one thing that remains is that I'm still here reaching for my dreams going on 5 years strong.

      P.S. I also follow Eric Thomas on Youtube! I get so pumped up after watching his videos!
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    Good Luck!

    I admire that you have the motivation to succeed. Motivation always breeds success.
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