White label dating in non-standard niche - is anything available?

by Gec
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Say folks, I have a website in a niche that's not in the standard niches of any white label dating program available.

I reckon me visitors would love to date each other... but I'd like to make it so that they only see folks with similar interests in the network. Say, if my niche was people passionate about... errr... electronics, I'd want a dating site for people interested in electronics.

When someone signs up, I want them to only see the profiles of like-minded potential partners.

Any idea how to go about this?
Much appreciated!
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    The problem with these kind of niches is I don't think they're really strong enough. Maybe more like something a lot more significant in nature. Like hmmm well maybe little people??? or I don't know some other very unique niche where the local dating pool might be small. So they're forced to be willing to explore a more broader geographical targeted area. That's where you're site would offer the selection but also they'd be okay with it even if there's not many people right in there city or town.

    The problem is most people want to date within there city or town. So a simple type of niche won't be strong enough. Like electronics. It's just a hobby. It's nothing that can't be compremized on. As people will compremize for distance way before hobby. That's where the problem comes in. But if there's no one like you in the city. Like your the only vampire then you might be willing to date another vampire even if they don't live in yoru city.
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    Fair enough. I reckon in the big cities though there ought to be enough passionate folks in my niche (which is not electronics, it was just an example). So I'd like to bring these folks together. But how, if there's no way to filter 'em?
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