Business email address with a blank website?

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I want a business email address for my service in order to look more professional but due to the nature of the service there is no need for me to create any content for the website, so I was just wondering if having a business email without an actual website would be ok. If someone searched my email they would see a blank page so would that make me look amateurish? Would appreciate some feedback.
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    thats fine, or you can simple put "under construction" image on your site.. or password protect it to look like a private area..
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    I wouldn't say it would make you look amateurish, however if you're sending out emails with a particular email address with your company name in it, most people would search to see if you had a website. If they come up with a blank page then they will most likely be confused.. well I would.

    Why don't you just put a little note or image to symbolize your business without actually putting content, like a little landing page.

    - Jack
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      I believe every business owner has something to say about their business, so why not create a simple "about us" page with phone # and call it good. Or maybe find what others are talking about in your service niche to find ideas that you may be missing that you can add to your site. Not sure the nature of your biz, but maybe before and after photos, testimonials from happy clients, employee photos with their hobbies listed (if there are employees. If so, this is a great way to build trust with your customers), a bullet list of benefits and call to action or coupon for a monthly special, any endorsements you may have (BBB, Chamber of Commerce, etc,), if you do a printed company newsletter you can also put it on your site. Anyways, these are just a few ideas Just my 2 cents
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        Who's going to trust you or your business service if all you've got is an email address - No one!!

        You have to be building some sort of credibility in your market.

        Surely, you must be able to say something good about your business and your services.

        If you can't, then you're in real trouble.
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    Just use and build a blog in like 10 minutes. As far as emails go Gmail has become so popular now that people trust it just as much or more than using your domain name extention. ie: (that to me makes me semi nervious) ....where as ( (I get a good feeling that mark will get my email) (those are all just examples btw)

    It's like backwards now. It's just my opinion though.
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    I didn't pay much attention because I wasn't interested in the service myself, but namecheap has an arrangement that lets you use a domain just for email. You don't have to bother with hosting or putting up the blank page.

    I'm sure I've seen that on other registrars too.

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    I do that and it hasn't been a problem. In my view everyone should use an email address from a "domain" because it looks more professional. Gmail looks amateurish to me, but that's just my view and others may disagree.

    I see this strategy used a lot. Someone gets a domain to use as an email address, but for whatever reason they do not put up a website.

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