Why not have hosting and domain from the same provider?

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In the past I had my domains at namecheap and hosting at hostgator but I discovered that it's much easier to have them both at namecheap and much cheaper as well..

I've heard that if one goes down you still have the other and have less risk but they are both large companies so it should be safe right?

Are there any other reasons why you should not have them both at one place?
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    many people split them to cover themselves in the event of spam complaints, etc.

    If your webhost shuts you off, you can move to another host and be back up and running.

    However, if they control your domain name as well, then you can lose it / be locked out from it, and no recovery for you


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    You have more control if you have those 2 separated.
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    My main reasons are: big domain registrars are more specialize in domain name than hosting, and the big hosting companies are specialize in hosting services than domain name, especially hosting providers normally use third party domain registars, too.

    As for me, it's not cheaper than the seperate companies. Big domain registrars are cheap in domain name but not hosting plans. Big hosting providers are cheap in hosting plan but not domain name.

    The normal and usually see warriors said is do not put all of your eggs in one basket.
    I just wanna tell you that most of the links in the signature are trash and/or a trap to make you pay!
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    Also something else to add is that it is just as easy to go with two separate providers as it is to go with the one but has the advantages mentioned above.
    Don't believe everything you think
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    I was taught when I first started that you should not use the same place to buy your domain and get it hosted. If something goes wrong you lose both. Much better to separate them and make sure you back up your site.
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    Namecheap is good for domains and not for hosting. Similarly Hostgator is known for being a good place for hosting and although people buy domains as well but more people buy from Namecheap. Reason is the fact that Namecheap bundles free whois with domains for one year whereas Hostgator does not.

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    The main reason is to be on the safe side. If your web hosting is not your domain registrar, it would make your life easier to move your website to another host in no time.

    There been companies, including the big name out there, who would play you out (to renew your domain, you must pay the hosting cost, we will not break it down and you end paying a hundred vs $10)

    My first website ever was registered through the hosting company, it was costing me $100 to renew, when i tried to move, the hosting company were playing me around delaying the transfer over a month (to get into the renewal period).
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      I use NameCheap, and used to use HostGator until there was a billing dispute and they shut my site down. Because I had my domains at NamCheap I was able to seamlessly switch to BlueHost with very little down time.

      It is easy, and only requires that you change the name servers at NameCheap. Well worth the small added cost.

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    As the old saying goes, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket"

    Some companies like Godaddy for example is good for domains, but their hosting is pretty much useless for webmasters (no cpanel). On the contrary, Bluehost and Hostgator are good hosting providers, but their domain registration options are not up to the mark.
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    I use different provider because it's more cheap and more easy to manage. I have no other reason.
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    I've done the same as you and eventually QUIT Namecheap for hosting. Reason? Their servers go down a lot.... a lot of down time and quirky crap going on. Just my experience with them, but I do use them a lot for registering domains and prefer them above GoDaddy for that.
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    It happens to me once, having both domain and hosting with the same company (I don't even remember the name of the company) that shut down and lost my income on that, so as everyone says, having the hosting or domain with different company is good!
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    Originally Posted by Livelifelove View Post

    Why not have hosting and domain from the same provider?
    This forum (just like many other IM forums) is full of "horror stories" of the unforeseen "accidents" (some of them in fact "disasters") which people could so easily have avoided simply by registering and hosting in two different places. Having the registration and the hosting in the same place is really very inadvisable. In a sense, admittedly, it only really matters if/when something goes wrong. (But, as we all know, that "only happens all the time").

    If your host isn't also your registrar, then in the event of any accident/problem, if anything ever goes wrong with your hosting, you're in control, not them. And can avoid nightmares, disasters, long delays and entirely unexpected "ransom demands". And can re-host your site somewhere else the next day, minimising the commercial interruption.

    Brad expresses it very well, with several well-known examples, in this post.

    It's one of those issues which so many people look at and think to themselves "Eew, well, those are all other people and they must have done something wrong: it wouldn't ever happen to me". :p

    Until someone on one of their lists reports them, even with absolutely no justification at all, to their host for alleged "spamming" and their website disappears and the host (in accordance with its TOS which few people have ever read all the way through at the time they registered the domain) suddenly wants hundreds of dollars to release the domain so they can get it back online somewhere else.

    As a search of this forum will show, Go Daddy, in particular, is notorious for causing major problems and interruptions to its clients' businesses in this regard. But it can be done even by some "good hosts", too!

    The point is that "whether something goes wrong" may not be within your own control - it can be just fairly random.

    Paul Myers' comment in this thread is significant, also.

    Just my perspective, but threads like this always make my blood run cold, a little, when I see some people saying that it's ok to register and host in the same place, because experience has shown that some of those people will be back at some future point to announce their own personal "terribly unlucky" story.
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    I have been using webhosting services for more than 10 years. I have bad experience with famous brand like bluehost, anhost and godaddy. Bluehost and anhost were good when your traffic is little. When your traffic grows the service interruption and suspension of account due to heavy traffic becomes unbearably frequent. And their support were outright rude and cold.

    A few years ago, the nightmare came when spammers hacked into my websites, probably through my old wordpress scripts. BH support teams became extremely suspicious, unhelpful and unfriendly. I had to identify and remove the hacked files one by one. (Hostgator support helped me to remove these files.)

    One thing really right about the same advice from many experienced members above e.g. Sue, onegoodman, cpadualcore, seobuddy, alex smith, etc. is that:

    Don't use the same service provider for both domain registration and webhosting. This is the GOLDEN RULE.
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