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I will be moving to Fiji to marry the love of my life ASAP. I cannot stand just visiting her once every 6 months.

I need a reliable method to make $35/day as soon as possible. Ideally it would be passive income and ideally it could eventually (over the course of 6 months to year or so) get me to a reliable $100/day income as I keep working at it.

By as soon as possible, I need to move to Fiji by the end of April. I can keep working on it once there, but I'd like to have proven the method with income before making the plunge.

My best guess so far has been to build mini-site EMDs and do ad-sense/affiliate marketing, but I need a good method of back-linking post Panda/Penguin.

I was/am following Adam Short's NPC Method but I feel it is slightly outdated. I have built 3 sites so far, but only one has been live for more than a few months. That one is actually doing quite well, reliably at $2.23/day for the last 30 days [EDIT: And still increasing every month] (not bad for my first try I'd say).

However, given my time crunch, I want to expand more rapidly. I am open to hiring contractors from oDesk or similar but I don't feel knowledgeable enough yet to keep them working at an optimal pace.

I am open to other business models as well.

But Fiji means I cannot rely on telephone of any sort (it's $.30/minute to call USA) and Skype is sometimes unreliable. Also, no USPS. And Fiji itself is a TINY market.

So things I looked at that won't work:

- Looked at "Finding the Pain" and building a SaaS product, a la "The Foundation" Dane Maxwell approach (requires phone/skype calls to the USA)

- Using AliBaba to buy products and then distribute via Ebay and other Channels (no access to USPS)

- DropShipping? (This might work, but I am not familiar with PPC and building a decent web-storefront)

Thanks for any advice!

*I wrote a long 5 page purge of my personal situation sort of asking for advice/mentor based on Mark Andrews "Asking for a Mentor" post but on reflection I think this summarizes it. I can post the full version later if necessary
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    i couldn't find a suitable woman for my personality in my country either. i'm moving to france for this very reason lol so cheers.

    but to provide help. If there is a niche or hobby you are knowledgeable and passionate about. i think you could make some decent money driving traffic to it via seo, offering expert/veteran advice on related forums with your site address in your signature, and a bit of paid traffic. Have the ability to subscribe to your blog/site and you will be able to make that figure easily.

    there are many more ways to make money but i'd imagine it's easiest to initially build money around a topic you are most knowledgeable at.
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    Seriously good luck man.

    If you really only need $35/day, which is not really all that much money at all, you can easily do this by freelancing.

    Yes, it may not be fun, it may not make you super-rich, but you can surely write enough articles or do enough voiceovers or make enough simple videos, etc. to make that much money. No doubt.

    You can make this with a combination of setting up fiverr gigs, writing articles on sites like iwriter (once you write 20 or 30 articles if you are a native speaker you can get to elite and get paid decent rather than slave wages for writing), textbroker, and others. You can definitely do this, not a doubt in my mind.

    It's really not that difficult if you are looking for that kind of money.

    What are your skills and where are you from? Let me know if I can help you in any other way. I've been looking to sell a website and perhaps if you want you could sell it for me and get a commission if you find success.
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      What are your skills and where are you from?
      I am from USA - NC. I am a native USA citizen, only speak English, but my GF speaks Hindi and understands Arabic (and speaks Fijian of course, but probably not much use on the internet).

      I don't mind going freelance for a large portion of my income, but I'd rather stick to primarily passive income development as a foundation, at least at first.

      $35/day is a bare minimum assuming consistentpassive income. If it is something where I have to put in hours to get paid then I need to be able to make about $60/day (for the days that I work) OR hopefully more.

      Obviously If I can get residuals or some passive income then it evens out.


      I have worked tech support and am generally a tech savvy person, but my exposure to SEO, Online Marketing, Social Media etc is all new, within the last year or so.

      I have programmed in the past, but I would not call myself a developer, more of a tinkerer (done some C++, Python, and Java... but very small projects). That said, I'm sure I could pick up just about any technical skill with enough time.

      I know enough about GIMP to be more than dangerous, and could probably pick up PhotoShop easily.

      I have built 3 specific money making micro sites using the Adam Short NPC method. 1 site is getting consistent $2+ per day in ad-sense revenue. The others two are affiliate marketing but brand new, just built last month.

      I am college graduate, and I like writing. However, my training is more for dense, academic papers. I think I need more guidance/practice if I want to write good sales-copy...

      I also used to do Face-to-Face sales, for what it's worth.

      I've been looking to sell a website and perhaps if you want you could sell it for me and get a commission if you find success.
      Sure, I've never flipped any web-real-estate but I'd be happy to learn.
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        Originally Posted by businessbuck View Post


        I have worked tech support and am generally a tech savvy person,
        Set up a mobile, computer troubleshooting business when you get to Fiji. That's one of the things I do. People always need someone to come to their home and sort out their internet/router/slow computer/bad-tempered-Word/skype/printer, etc.
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    1. List down what you know about making money on internet.
    2. Make a plan.
    3. take action.

    You need money to make money on passive income. So, work hard for your love one.
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      You could create a video on "How to Use Gimp" and sell it as a WSO. Since you like to write you could also create PLR article packs consisting of 5-10 articles and sell them here on the forum. Just a few thoughts! Best of luck to you!
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        Congrats for your courage to make a brave decision for your life.

        I accidentally see this thread and want to leave some words, hopefully it will helps.

        If you want to make $35/day, here's the steps :

        1. Adapt this mindset ==>
        The amount of $ you make = equal to your working time.
        meaning = Do not expect to make money when you don't want to spend time working.

        2. Start with warrior forum for hire section.
        If you are a native English speaker, you can offer article writing service.
        start on a lower price, deliver awesome results, ask for testimonials then gradually raise your price when you've got happy customers leaving testimonials.

        3. Stick with it at least 1-2 years and save some money.

        I guarantee you can make money with this business model, if you work hard, you'll be making at least $1500/month in the next 2 months.

        It's true, I've proved it my self.

        Good luck.
        Jo Pixelcrafter
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    I'm not sure a couple of months is long enough for you to get you that passive income you need each day. If you had a few things on the go already and could expand upon them, it'd be easier. So, as a few others have said, I'd advertise a gig on fiverr.

    Maybe hire yourself out as a virtual assistant. If nothing else, you will earn that $35 a day, and be able to cover the immediate bills. You can then look to finding something that can give you a passive income.
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    You could use one of your websites to build a list and market products that are related to your website to your list. Just my 0.02$.
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    Businessbuck. Did things work out for you?
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    You can easily get to $35/day. It's probably not as fast as you'd like, but it's more sustainable and easy to scale up to reach that $100/day.
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