W3 Total Cache removed, it's still listed in wp-config.php

by David
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Hi gang, I've been tasked with moving a wp blog off of the developers hosting to my client's hosting, the import is failing (and I dunno why yet)

Migrating wp from one host to another is supposed to be straightforward, this one is not

Contacting Site5 hosting for assistance in migrating away from them (that's the hosting acct of the web developer who built the wp) to move to Godaddy (the hosting account of my client) isn't much of an option.

The developer is hostile to the notion of losing his gravy train monthly hosting income.

When I look closely at the wp-config.php file I see the first lines refer to a plugin I installed (W3 Total Cache) in an effort to improve the excruciatingly slow load time of the site

I have deactivated W3 Total Cache & deleted the files for it within the wp dashboard (it did not improve the load time and mighta even made it worse)

yet the references to W3T are still there in the wp-config file?

I tried removing them and the site goes down reporting an php error in line "x"
this behavior is reminiscent of uninstalling a program in windows only to discover remnants of the program in the windows registry
I'm no php wizard but W3T must also still be referred to (somewhere) the the mysql database (or there'd be no php error msg when I delete

/** Enable W3 Total Cache */
define('WP_CACHE', true); // Added by W3 Total Cache


from the wp-config file

How do I remove this plugin completely?
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    Can you change the line to this to make sure it's completely turned off?

    define('WP_CACHE', false); // Added by W3 Total Cache

    That way even if it is mentioned in some of your other files, it's still turned off in the configuration file.
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