How to make money by feeding off questions from real people

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Are you stuck for ideas how to make money online?

Here's a simple solution for you to help make the task at hand a hell of a lot easier.

I know it can be difficult to put an information product together and the problem often is you don't know often who precisely you're addressing.

Writing straight off the bat from your experience with no specific targeted person to help can make the process more difficult than it has to be. So what you need is a specific individual to answer to.

Solution? Look on the forum. Look around this forum. Find a person asking for a specific solution to a problem they're facing.

For example...

Lets say you spot a thread from somebody on the forum asking the question...

"How do I attract highly targeted traffic to my offer page? What steps do I need to take to attract hot potential leads to my website?"

Now right there, you've got somebody, an actual person with a major problem. And it's your job to address this person directly to provide a solution for their needs.

Right now this person is in emotional pain. They're experiencing a lot of frustration. They want to know a real answer to their problem which can be implemented instantly which moves them away from frustration and pain to emotional pleasure upon finding the solution you can provide for them. Got it? Good!

Now, rather than replying directly to them in the thread, go to Wordpad or your text editor of choice and address this individuals problem directly.

Pretend, imagine this person is sitting in front of you. They've just asked you a very specific question, so now engage with them though the written word an answer which solves their problem. One simple step at a time.

What is the conversation going on inside this persons mind?

What questions do they have?

What specific questions do they want answers to?

What hurdles, obstacles, rocks in their path are stopping them at the moment from making the progress they want to make?

Engage this person in conversation...

"Susan I feel your pain, truly I do...

You know as well as I do how important it is to generate as much highly targeted traffic to your website as possible. Highly targeted traffic is the lifeblood of any business. Attracting to yourself the people who are most likely to be your best customers. Providing for them your best solution to solve their point of pain.

When seeking to attract highly targeted traffic to one of my offer pages or my website, here is what I would normally do...

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7..."

You'll find when you're addressing directly a specific persons problem the writing will just flow completely naturally out of your fingertips.

Rather than struggling to find the right words to use by talking with an invisible audience, having this imaginary but very real person in the forefront of your subconscious mind - this will aid your writing ability much more.

If you do this, that is address somebody by name directly, your information product will come across with a lot more genuineness. It will seem more real. More authentic.

And undoubtedly your own target market on buying into your info product, they too will sense this feeling of you addressing a very real persons problem rather than talking essentially to thin air.

All over this forum and many others too, people are asking questions all the time.

How do I do this?

How do I do that?

How do I find out this knowledge?

What steps do I need to take to accomplish this goal?

All of these questions are all individuals in pain.

They're all looking for solutions.

Cast your eye over the forum/s and pick out those questions which directly apply to the niche you want to write about. Copy and paste these questions over to your text editor of choice and give them the best possible solution you can muster or come up with.

Don't skimp on your solution. Make your answers to these individuals point of pain the best darn answers you can come up with.

The higher the quality of your answers to their problems, chances are, you'll increase exponentially not only the value of your own product but also on selling it, if it's really good info, more people will recommend your solution to others.

A win-win situation all round.

Now get out there and simply find out what people want to know.

Best of luck.

Smoking hot,

Mark Andrews
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    I did this about ten years ago, when i first created my book on pool,and billards hence my screen name chrisj9ball.I went to a pool,and snooker forum and people were asking questrons,so i made 10 small booklets on the subjects.I covered 9 ball,8 ball,onepocket,bank pool, straight pool,bottle pool.ect.I sold them on ebay for £9 each, it was easier then to do this.But even so it is still good advice,and still practical today..
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    Hi Mark,

    That was a very good and exhaustive information on how to make money feeding off questions to people. The strategy you laid down is straightforward and easy to follow. What basically is the conversion rate for this?

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    Great post. You can also do the same with Twitter. Instant audience for your blog post/article.
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    This is a great way of coming up with a smokin' hot product that users will love. Answering questions that prospective customers have with detailed, actionable information is a sure way of meeting their needs.

    I like the way you put it, 'imagine this person is sitting in front of you'. That line acts as a guide from straying, incomplete information and so on.
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