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I'm not even 100% sure why I did this but I created a sales letter for my new info product. Now I'm thinking why didn't I do Video Sales Presentation.

What are your thoughts? Are sales letters just gone the way of the dinosaur and Video is the way to go??? Which would you use????

Just debating getting my sales letter changed into a video presentation. Which leads me to my next question, do you know anyone who's really good at doing this type of conversion into a video???
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    Video is too hyped up nowadays. Many people think it's some sort of magic bullet. However, the most powerful video sales pages are those that actually simplify a complicated process or flesh out an idea in an easy to grasp way. Sadly, many people think having a text only video is good enough. Wrong. Video is a powerful way to get your point across but you have to use its strengths. Don't waste it by having it do stuff text is used for...
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    video is good for some people but sales letters for me will always be the best. Actually I've never watched a sales video that made me want to buy a product but a good sales letter has.
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    As everyone likes visual presentation more than ready a lot about the product.

    When you explain about your product in a video, The work of people is just to sit back and watch the show because all the effort is done by the video and you

    but in a sales letter every one has to read to get full info about the product to decide if to buy it or not!

    Sometimes people think that the seller has not provided any written prof about the product so it looks scammy.

    I would recommend you to have sales letter as well as visual presentation for your product as people will first watch you video and if the have doubts, it can be cleared by written explanation.
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    If you wan to covert your sales letter into visual presentation the best place to hire someone for this job is Fiverr: Graphics, marketing, fun and more online services for $5, You will get your video for $5.
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    It depends - if your video is no longer than 2 minutes then it may gain some traction with the viewer. Most people switch off from anything longer - nothing worse than some bloke rambling on about his poor boy story from the ghetto and how his Twitter tool enabled him to retire.
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    I suggest you a test. you can split test both types sales pages and see what happens. It is a matter of finding what works and what does not work.
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    I think text sales letters are still popular and effective. If you're going to use video, make sure that it loads fast, make sure you give them a reason to buy or opt-in, make sure it plays well on all browsers and internet speeds, and dont make it too long.
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    As with any sales pitch... the message is more important
    than the medium.

    A well written sales letter will outperform a poorly done
    video sales letter.

    Over the years, and in the future as well, the medium used
    will continue to change... but it still boils down to the
    good old principles of salesmanship.

    Are you meeting their problem/needs/desires?

    Are you giving them a nice big promise that's
    unique to anything else out there?

    Do you have a good amount of proof to back up
    your claims?

    Do you have a really good reason for them to
    take action now?

    If you can answer "Yes" to all of those, then
    you'll do well whether it's written, video, or
    in person.

    In fact, I've written sales pitches that were
    used by individual sales people, in person,
    pitching to their clients.

    They then put that sales pitch (modified)
    on their website, and finally last year
    into a video.

    Same basic pitch, done 3 different ways.

    It worked because the sales pitch was
    fundamentally sound.

    so, again, the medium takes a back seat
    to the sales pitch.

    Now, when you're selling anything... the first
    step you gotta take is get attention... and
    this is why video did so well at first.

    People were like "whoa... what's this?"

    And video still works well, in fact, more
    and more of my clients are asking for
    video sales letter scripts.

    But I also keep a close eye on some of
    the biggest marketers in the world,
    those doing multi millions... and many
    of them still do written sales letters.

    So, if I had a gun to my head and HAD
    to choose between video and written,
    I'd go video.

    but a well written sales letter, with a GREAT
    headline at the top, will stop just as many
    people to read it.

    But I've got a ton of tests to show that a well
    written sales letter, on a web page, can outsell
    a poorly done sales video.
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    Well the thing that I like about video marketing is that you can convey your message in a very concise way. Not only is it easy to make videos once you get a little experience, but people like them because they can get the actual visual of how things work with whatever it is that you have to offer to them. Plain old boring text is very lame to me as opposed to a video conveying the message.
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