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With 150 visitors a month, on a targeted niche, is it possible to make some money. What is your experience? Do you find you need high visitor numbers, or can you convert this small traffic into buyers?
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    You can convert any amount of visitors into buyers, but with smaller numbers a higher percentage of your overall visitor count would have to be completely targeted and interested. If you're targeting your website and only receiving 150 visitors, are you sure you're targeting the right niche, is there greater competition, and are you using using significant keywords?

    However, I really don't think you're going to make money from 150 visitors a month, if you run an email list I can guarantee the majority of those visitors won't even enter their email in the first place.
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    Hey Thorick, as thisisjack said, you can convert any amount of visitors but it would still be nice to have more than 150 visitors per month. A great way to blast out high quality content consistently. Forget about the 500 word articles, write high quality detailed articles. Look at some of the top blogs in the IM niche, none of them write only 500 words.
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    Yes. I have a very small website, I don't think it will even reach 100 visitors this month, yet it has produced around $500 already.

    Is this typical? No.

    I promote an expensive service as an affiliate and I get paid around $250 for each sale I send. It's not a huge market, not well know and it's not even in US.

    So, just to answer your question, depending on what you're promoting and how, even 100 visitors a month can be enough to see some nice revenue.

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    if its targeted then 150 a month is great, you could have 700 a month but if its not targeted then what? try to monetize it properly

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    Yep, my most profitable niche sites get very little traffic.

    But it needs to be highly targeted traffic from the search engines, mostly Google.

    All the other traffic out there takes high volume or a cult following to make a good amount of sales from it.

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