what's reality for a one person website ?

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Hi all,
I know some of the larger sites have a team of people (if not more) in building a website as well as upkeep and new content. they make millions per month.

I'm one person (as many of us are), what are some realistic income goals when it comes to earning an income from a website ?
I suppose comparing myself to a larger site isn't the best thing to do when it comes to money and traffic ....

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    a group of 5 person could make $50/day with a site and be happy, on the other hand, a group of 3 people form a company and make millions.Hope that helps.
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      The best approach is to focus on a small amount.

      When you achieve that, focus on a bit more and map out some realistic milestones once you gain momentum.

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    Focusing solely on money will not necessarily work for you. Focus on producing a product that will solve people's problems. That is why people search online - they want answers to questions. IF you can provide these answers you will have a great product.
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