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by awledd
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This is how I get instant traffic from first page of Google. I used to do it quite for some time and it gets results. It works by commenting on sites that appear first page of Google for some keywords but they should accept comment. Now that we can do it mannually but it is extremely tedious. Instead I found a totally free software that will do half the job.

1. Go to Google keyword tool and collect related keywords with exact match (100 is enough)
2. Go to Free Monitor for Google - search engine position and web ranking seo software and download Google monitor. Install it on your PC.
3. Save the keywords in a text format from the CSV format you saved from Google
keyword tool. Delete all exact match brackets "[ ]" by edit >>> replace on notepad.
4 . open software click on green plus button and add ANYdomain name and import those keywords. Click on Search button.
5. after finishing search check each result or URLs and try to find something like blog, or article or wordpress or similar in the URL. If you find one right click on it and click on VISIT URL. and check that site if you can post comment. If you can then write something related to that article with your affiliate link shortened with or Snipurl / Snurl / Snipr / / - Snippetty snip snip with your looong URLs! Short URL goodness since 2001 . This is it.

* We can not get those URLs easily. I mean it can take a while before you get one good comment recieving page. If you try hard you can make it. The best part is it drives consistent traffic. Good luck.
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