What Can I Offer To Get opt-ins?

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I currently offer 3 services web design, logos and business cards. I am trying to set up individual lead capture pages to get them to enter their email.

Besides offering a discount, what kind of things could I offer or give them to get them to sign up..I don't have much experience in this area

I plan to use PPC to drive traffic to these landing pages
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    Offer free but high-quality samples. Offer enough freebies to give them a 'taste test.' I do that with my writing services from time to time.
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      Offer free things related to what you are going to be offering them in the future.

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      You could also offer them a chance to win a design by you, let's say for example, the first 100 you will randomly choose a winner to get a free design. When you complete the design showcase it to your subscribers and use that as a offer to gain more subscribers.

      You could also setup a campaign that your subscribers can participate in such whoever sends the most traffic to your offer also get a free design or win a prize from you, that get's people interested and engaging to win
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    free sample of business card, free web design quotation will attract customers.
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    perhaps you should try offering a super low priced product to get them on your list. you want buyers on your list, not tire kickers.
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    I would suggest you have a contest. ON your squeeze page or opt in page say something like "Enter your Name and email" for a chance to win a free web design or 500 pack of business cards. Then throw in a little fear of loss in your copy and let them know there is a limited time to get it. Be sure and follow through on your promise and request the winner to give you a testimonial which in turn you could put on your squeeze page for future give aways. Hope that helps.
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    A very low priced front end product like a logo for $20 and an opt-in, then after they are happy you upsell in to other services.

    Its your foot in the door.
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    You can offer free advice on their currently website etc...

    And offer to change it for them for a fee

    Hope this helps
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      Hers' what you could do,

      Of them some free samples and convert your' samples' into a PDF and offer that from your site .

      And here's a sneaky trick...

      Don't have your optin form on the page....

      Instead put your optin form right inside the PDF.

      It works like this...

      - you create your report in PDF format.
      - You embed your optin form inside the PDF

      Now when visitors come to your site, they download your PDF 'special report' containing your samples (you don't force them to give you their email before they can read your samples).

      Instead now what happens is that when they first open your PDF report they have to then optin to be able to read it.

      It's a very subtle and different approach, but following this strategy, I increased my optin rate by 147% compared to the usual .... optin before downloading approach.
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    Offer such free stuff / reports that will much help them in building, maintain, or even monetize blog/website related. It might be a good idea after you'e designed or built blogs/ sites for clients.
    Any free reports/book in branding related may also be good to offer.

    Don't worry be happy!

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    This has been proven to be the best way to collect opt-in email addresses. If you offer to provide potential subscribers with information they need (and they don’t have to pay for) – information that they are looking for – they’ll be pleased to subscribe to your newsletter.
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      Don't give them free anything... You sell services correct?

      Then you don't want ANY freebie seekers on your list.
      Price your services higher, then offer a DEEP discount
      for the opt-in. The discount should bring the prices
      down to what you want to get for your work anyway.
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        I could also share a "secret" with you... (free of charge)
        but I'm not going to blast it to the forum because some
        people here sell this "secret information" in many products.

        Shoot me a PM if your interested.
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    Offering some samples or high quality templates may help in getting some interest and optins.

    Once on your list you can promote your services etc ...

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    Offer value. Each of your niches is perfectly suited to giving people some tips which will be of value to them. How many mistakes do you see people making with web design, logos and biz cards every day? Those mistakes provide you with the questions to answer and the answers are great content to promote what you do and show people it's worth it to be on your list.

    Each time you answer a question or correct a mistake you can use examples of your work as the template for doing it right.

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      Some great ideas there to think about, thanks for the advice and suggestions.

      By samples do you mean like a portfolio? I will already have this on my site, I was going to put the lead capture page just as a page on the website so they can also see what else I offer, who I am etc.

      If I was to offer a discount/report/win a design, how would I follow this up in email follow-ups? (what could I say/address to sell my services?)

      If I done the "win a design" would this prevent them buying anything in-case they may win?
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        Maybe you could design say 6 unique 'Add To Cart' buttons (or something like that) for people can use on their sites.

        You could then put the images into a PDF. Have them optin when they open their PDF.

        They would then see the images and each would have links back to your site where they can download the image files.

        As I see it, you have to give them samples of what you actually do so they can see how good you are.

        In your profession there's not much value in a 'written' report of any kind that I can see.
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    Give them a lesson on the benefits of your products...teach them why the use of your products will benefits them...then offer your products as a viable solution.

    I recently read a book by Dan Kennedy. In it, he talks about how a guy with a carpet cleaning business turned it into a million dollar business by giving away a free report that talked all about the dangers of dirty carpets, how to clean them, what to look for in professional carpet cleaners (I am paraphrasing here, I forget the specifics, but that is the basic point), and, at the end, offered his business as a solution.

    You are giving them value, and explaining why the services you offer are so important to their business. You are selling without selling. Then, you offer your services as a viable solution.

    Good luck!
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