[Writing]- What kind of businesses need high quality writing?

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I am looking for an understanding of the needs and concerns of people who need high quality writing. In line with that, I think looking at the kinds of businesses they operate will help me get an understanding of their concerns.

Also, how do they find new writers?

What kind of websites do these people visit?

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    Rarely do I find someone that has the knowledge of my field (directories) to the extent that they can deliver anything insightful. Most often I find people that have been in the directory industry for a long time, and often they write because they want to write, not because there is money in it. However, most of the articles that get published get a pagerank 5 or 6 for a while, so that is more the payoff than money. That said, I look for great content, and only a few authors write who really know the field of directories or search engine optimization.
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    Any internet driven business (even e-commerce) will need content. Business owners will usually roll up their sleeves and write content on their own, if they're on a tight budget, or will do one of two things: 1. Ask friends, family, colleagues, if they know of any good writers, or 2. Will go online and look for it. I know businesses love to use sites like elance, odesk.com, and freelancer.com to find writers.

    I would suggest, if you're planning on being a writer, sign up to those sites and start small and charge low (until you get enough ratings/experience points) to start charging more. You can also sign up to Fiverr, and do small projects to earn the experience and some cash.

    You can also create your own site, (RaviandTheWriter.com (example)) and start adding articles and content on that site and try to rank organically for specific keywords like: plumbing company content writer, OR Ecommerce Writer (these are just examples).

    I hope that helps, I've helped out a few writers in the past, so let me know if you need more help.

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      Honestly, almost every business needs a good writer for one reason or another. Whether it's writing web content, blog posts, emails, headlines or sales copy for an online business or pamphlets, fliers, books, proposals, reports or even tshirts for a brick and mortar business, you'll eventually need a writer.

      This need for a GOOD writer is one of the most commonly overlooked elements in many businesses. I've lost count of how many times I've seen official print material from a company that was just awful or web content that was barely comprehensible.

      Even basic proofreading seems to be too much to expect from things like magazines and newspapers these days.
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    It is very clear and has been emphasized at several forums that it is better to attract clients to you rather than running after clients.

    The approach which I intend to take is find a section of people who need such skills and get in front of them.

    Guest posting and Article syndication(look them up if you have not heard of them) can be used to get in front of them. The only missing part, as long as we write well, is to find who needs such skill.

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