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I am working on an artists website to sell prints and cards.
I have been looking into pay per click advertising to build traffic.
However for the key works artist and art there are none listed on google.

Is it worth investing in a pay per click campaign if no one else is doing it?

Can anyone help me out on this one???
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    Those keywords may be too general.

    "Art for sale" brings up a long list of ads.

    Getting a hold of an Adwords voucher will let you test it before you
    spend your cash.

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      PPC will probably work great for what you are doing. You just have to try it and find out. Find a voucher, Adwords usually has $100 free coupons. Bing usually has $50 free coupons. I don't remember off hand but I think 7Search will match your initial deposit up to $50. Those are really the only three serious choices to start in PPC.

      Good luck!
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  • Paxton,

    You may want to think a little harder about what your client’s target market is using in terms of keywords to find what it is they are selling. For instance if your client is selling cards and prints, you may want to start there instead of “artist” or “art”. As mentioned by other members, you will want to avoid general terms unless absolutely necessary. There is also an art to choosing the right keywords. For instance people that use the plural version of a key term are generally looking to buy where as those that are not are just looking for information.

    It is definitely worth investing in PPC but only if you have a good conversion funnel set up. You need some way to get a return on investment for you ad dollars. This could be generating leads to sell the products your client has, actually purchasing something on the site or some other action that will lead to revenue. If you are just “driving traffic” to your clients site there are less expensive ways to do that.

    Here is a good post on examples of good landing pages that will convert,

    Your Landing Page Sucks! Here are 10 Examples That Don’t… | Unbounce

    Hope that helps,

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      I think your question is very generic and I agree with Shawn that you need to take a deeper look at your client's target market.

      You must also understand that market and what they like, what they want, their needs and desires. Even if you know what your client wants to sell, you need to know what potential buyers are looking for and how they think in order to present your offers effectively.

      Nothing here to see

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    Thank you very much everyone, everything above has given me something to work on a PPC does seem like a good idea to get some exposure but wasted money if not converted.

    Thanks again guys, very helpful
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