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I have a .Me domain extension that has:

(Exact Match) 110,000 global and 40,000 local searches

(Broad Match) 823,000 global and 301,000 local searches

I'm afraid to invest into it because I have another .TV domain that is having a hard time with rankings and it is an exact keyword domain name.

The domain is: Make Money Online - Should I invest in it? I'm just afraid it won't rank but it is a catchy name.
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    Indeed it's a catchy and hard to forget domain name. If I were you I'd invest on it and give it a shot. There are practically tons of ways you can make use of that domain down the road. Plus, if you have a website up and it's performing well, you can offer it for sale on Flippa later on for $$$.

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    I have a .ME extension for one of my UK sites and initially it proved extremely difficult to get ranked even with switching in Google webamster tools to Geo target UK only. However, as soon as I switched my hosting for that site to a UK hosting company my site suddenly shot up in the rankings for many terms within 24 hours of that change.
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    Hi everyone,

    yes indeed very catchy name and if I were
    You I would invest!
    But this is only your decision!

    Anyway best of luck

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      I'd give it a shot, domains cost next to nothing so what have you got to lose!?

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    New EMD's do have a hard time right now. Google ain't playing the old fancy EMD dance no more.

    Now it's up to you to decide if you have the power/skills/money to invest in that one.
    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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    If you want to buy a domain name my opinion
    is that you should go with .com extension, because it is
    the most popular extension.

    And it isn't so important to put your keywords
    in a domain name. You can think about branding
    your site (examples twitter or digg).
    I mean I don't tell you that you shouldn't put your keywords
    in a domain name. You can!
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      I saw some .me domains in the SERPs and they were holding decent positions.
      I don't believe the EMD game is over. EMD game is over for people who were looking to take the domains, build 3 pages and some crappy backlinks and see the money coming to their pockets.

      EMD will remain strong if you treat the project correctly. Build pages, build backlinks and so on. If you do everything correctly the name of the domain will continue to be a good advantage.

      And I have many examples in this direction.
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    Well, I still haven't figure out to go with the .Me or the .Com.

    Make Money Online Me is great! but its not a .com

    If I get a .com it will be tough to find a good domain name. Anyone have any advice? I'm stuck in the middle here.
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