Researching Is Needed BUT!

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Well I am well known for the amount of research I do for each new product I create and also well known for being really serious about what I do BUT

I just laughed out loud when:

First the serious part of this post.

When looking at the websites pf your competitors I have found viewing the source code of the webpages gives you useful information on the keyeords they use etc.

Now for what made me laugh in a code I just viewed they had included this.

Are you shitting me? Did you think you could get this kind
of SEO and social media marketing badassness from a bunch
of HTML?

Rub a lamp and wish for a genie! If you want this level of
awesomeness, you need to either pay for it, or work a lot

PAYING CLIENTS: Call me at xxx and let's make
some seriously great things happen for you!

DEADBEATS and BEGGARS: If you are looking for free stuff,
get out of my code and get your ass over to my archive.
Start paying attention! Otherwise, I suggest paying a
visit to website link

PERVERTS: If you are sitting there with your hand in your
pants and rubbing to create some kind of miracle, there is
no lotion for you here. You will go blind before you ever
rank well in a search engine, and making friends or
reliable business contacts with social media is a long
shot. Get real and stop being so creepy!

REALISTS: If you want to know the real truth about SEO
and social media marketing, I made a nice video to help
explain it to you. Watch it!
HACKERS: Back off! I am the kind of guy you would enjoy
having a beer with, and I am decades beyond being a n00b!

Hm they did include some website links in there which I have not copied fully here so maybe it is some new kind of getting visitors strategy.

Ricky Allen
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