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Most of us buy domain names during the operation of our Internet Marketing businesses.

I was doing some heavy thinking today (I know hard to believe) as I was trying to find a domain name for a website to use in the process of creating mobile websites and it has taken me quite a bit of time to do research and select a name.

Does everyone go through the same or a similar process?

How much research and time do you invest in picking a domain name?

If you had to impart some pearls of wisdom to fellow warriors what would you say is the most important aspect of selecting a domain name?

How do you go about doing research?

Do you use a product name in the domain name if you are an affiliate?

Do you do any keyword research?

Does it matter how many words are in the domain name?

The domain name I selected was and I did do research first because I wanted the word Mobile to be in my domain name but most of the good ones were already taken. It was important to me that my visitors be able to relate to what I was doing with the website when they saw and used my domain name.

When I did my research I found that Creating Mobiles has medium competition with 2,900 global monthly searches and 1,300 local monthly searches according to Google Keyword Tool.

I like that it is only two words because it is easy to remember for my customers and of course has the word mobiles in it.

I was looking for a low competition keyword phrase with the word "mobile" in it but did not find any. Maybe that is because anything to do with mobile marketing is HOT right now and all the good domain names are already taken?

Is there anything else I should have considered?

Are there any tips when it comes to buying domain names that anyone else can add to this post?

I am sure I will be buying more domain names and want to be sure that I am doing everything I can to get the best names.
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    Since EMD's ranking 'juice' has been yanked out by Google, it's probably a better idea to focus on a domain's branding ability. No shortcuts. No gimmicks. Just offer solid value.
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      You know, "creating mobiles" has a completely different meaning that is unrelated to mobile websites or phones. I suspect that the alternative meaning is what many of those Google searches are for.

      So one thing to consider is whether a word or phrase has other meanings or connotations.

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        EMD's really don't matter very much any more...

        So focus more on short, memorable domain names.

        But honestly, I don't spend a lot of time picking domain names. It's not nearly as important as people think. Most people don't know what a domain name is, won't ever type it into a browser, won't ever see it or interact with it in any way.

        Think about do most people find websites? It's not by manually typing it into the browser's by clicking on a SERP, or an Advertisement somewhere, or a link. In all of those, the URL is mostly irrelevant and invisible.

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    I agree with writeaway and LillySage - generally I would focus on getting a brandable website. In the long run, would you rather have "Flickr" or "PhotoSharingOnline"? "Facebook" or "IncredibleSocialNetworkingSite"?

    I would say there is at least one exception. If you are building a site that focuses on one-off visitors from search engines or PPC, you might want a site whose URL helps describe what the site is about. There is no benefit to a brandable name if you are not utilizing the branding in your marketing. For that reason, a site geared to listing wedding photographers for example (hopefully a one-time purchase) might be better off with a domain name like "ChicagoWeddingPhotographers" rather than "Snapprs" because someone seeing a link to the latter would have no clue what it was about.

    Even if EMDs have no value to Google's search algorithm, they can still carry a message.
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    joyfulwraps, well I think I'm similar to you, I use to spend much time thinking about what domain in the available options would be the most accurate or good, what do you want to do, an amazon aff site? or a site about mobiles and place adsense or other ads?
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    I will simply just choose a relevant domain name and start doing the marketing if I am not planning to use the domain name for my branding. No doubt branding is important but I will still choose to focus the majority of my time on traffic generation activities that will get more people to be aware of the product I am promoting. Just my 2 cents
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