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Hi not sure if anyone can help, but I'm in the process of sealing a large SEO contract with a new client from Spain. I have gained my trust with the manager of marketing and they are happy to go ahead with my proposal but their head office need some more reassurance.

What is bothering them is that they haven't met me face to face and don't know me enough to guarantee that their domain will not be misused. I need to give them something more tangible than just explaining to them that I have worked with many companies and have never had a domain banned and I follow Google's guidelines when applying SEO.

They suggested a recommendation from the bank but I'm sure if that can be done can it?

Anyone else had to do something like this? How did you managed to get passed this barer?
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    They probably need the bank to verify that you have sufficient fund in your accounts for not bailing out within a few months or closing shop.

    You don't have to disclose the exact among, but you may want to ask your client what information are they looking for.

    Call your bank to ask for more info.

    Ever notice that people who spend money on WSO, memberships and courses, are always complaining about being broke and not making any money ?

    They should have bought ASSETS instead.

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    The easiest thing would be going up to your bank and talking with someone about if they've done that before and get their advice. Remember, your bank will help you out because they benefit from large amounts of money going into your account.
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  • Thank you for your replies. Really helps!
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      Seems strange ..how can your bank verify whether or not you will have their site slapped? They might be able to confirm your account is in good standing etc but that does not give them what they are asking for in terms of comfort.

      I think your strongest reference points are existing customers who would be happy to confirm service levels and your own site - which if you have it ranked proves that you can achieve both the results and sustain placing.

      'Mon Scotland

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    Build more trust.

    Show them more examples, talk to them about ROI, risks etc.

    I basically tell all of my clients, look give me this amount of money, i will then spend it all on links that will get you ranked. If it doesnt rank you, you leave and i make no profit.

    It always seems to work. After i get them ranked for the main keywords they want, they are soon back forking over more money to me.

    I duno what you count as large, but most of my clients i deal with $500-$2k a month with.

    Hope that helps a little :-/

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    jump on a skype call and do a face to face with them that way.
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    Isnt Fife in the UK?
    If it's such a big contract why not hop on one of those cheapo flight's to Span to go meet your clients?
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