How to sell PR2-PR4 sites?

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I have handful of legit PR2-PR4 sites. However, I'm not so sure where can I sell them and for what price? If someone has sold similar sites before, then I would be more than glad to hear your strategy.

At first I thought that it's wise to put up on an auction at flippa, but flippa fees are pretty high and I doubt that I will get the maximum price out of it.
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    Sell it at the WF classified.

    Ever notice that people who spend money on WSO, memberships and courses, are always complaining about being broke and not making any money ?

    They should have bought ASSETS instead.

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    Go to I highly recommend it, I don't know about other sites but flippa is what you're looking for my friend
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      flippa is the best:-)
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    Flippa is the best place but you may need to have a good sales page if you want to sell it at a good price.

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    Are you selling domains or websites with content?
    Are they generating any income, traffic etc.
    Give some more info and you will get better answers...
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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    No question that the best way of "Flipping", is buying cheap at Auction and SELLING high on Flippa

    This may seem obvious but the secret to making serious dough is research.

    Has it been de-indexed by Google ?
    Is the PR fake or real ?
    What Alexa Ranking does it have?
    How many pages has Google indexed?
    How many backlinks does it have?
    Is it listed in Dmoz?
    What Moz Ranking does it have?
    What "authority" does it have?
    What Alexa Ranking does it have?

    Most guys don't do enough research because it takes so long to check each potential domain thoroughly.

    Finding expired domains is relatively easy with services like DropDay ($19 per month) or RegisterCompass ($37 per month) where all the latest expiring domains are listed daily -- But there are over 500,000 to check each day

    Typically you get around 150,000 to 200,000 domains and whilst Dropday gives you an amazing amount of information, at least 50% is incorrect as they only reproduce what the registrars' claim.

    You only need to check INFO: at Google to see over 33% are "fake refreshes", then add in SITE: and you eliminate all the "Fake PR7+".

    It's laughable to see how many PR9's there are with no backlinks !

    Just making those 2 simple checks will get shot of about 50% but it takes you at least 1 minute per domain.

    Do the math and 150,000 will take you over 100 man days ... so list checking was not really practical.

    What I came across was a tool that does most of the hard graft for you.

    It works on the principle of "Crowd Sourcing". Each user does a bit of the jigsaw, and since the "Crowd" are doing the work, they get to share the results.

    Which at this level is free. You can pay extra for more information if you want it, but I find the "Crowd Source" level gives me 90% of the picture I need.

    Firstly it removes all the "fake refreshes" and secondly eliminate all the "Fake PR", that's like 50 man days work in 15 minutes.

    What I get left with is a list of "Crowd Sourced" domains that I can search through using the various filters provided.

    On a typical day I will get around 300/400 results that are +PR2 and usually include several PR4 & PR5.

    The PR2 and PR3 can usually be got for under $20, whilst PR4 & PR5 can reach over $500, but here's the rub ... I have bought a PR5 for only $17 and that's what I call finding the gold in the dross.

    I cannot possibly afford to buy all the available "goodies" each day so this is my giving back to the community.

    You can get the "Crowd Sourced" version here : › Registration Form

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      has anyone tried this kickassbots??
      Quietly Selling Powerful Links. Just a handful on clean domains, PM me for inquiry :D
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    Flippa is still the best option in my opinion. You could try Sedo but be prepared to be patient!
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    Originally Posted by mandos123 View Post


    I have handful of legit PR2-PR4 sites. However, I'm not so sure where can I sell them and for what price? If someone has sold similar sites before, then I would be more than glad to hear your strategy.
    I would recommend you to check out old Flippa auctions. You will get enough idea about how much your sites worth.
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    I do not like Flippa for many reasons. Typically, you will find out soon. I was doing the auction and they froze it - months later still frozen even now. Frankly, that is a pain. Also, there is a fee for success. Best advice is sell some worthless POS site for little money. Learn how the process goes. Then you can try to sell a better quality site with a track record and many web pages.
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    Hi there,

    I would suggest that you read this great article:
    10 Places to Sell Your Web Site - SitePoint


    "Success comes when people act together; failure tends to happen alone." -- Deepak Chopra

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