One tip that quadrupled my income

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Without a doubt, over the last 12 years of
marketing online, I've had my share of ups
and downs like we all probably have.

But the longer I'm in the game, and the
more successful I've become, I can honestly
say that ONE thing did more to destroy my
success than anything else.

Information Overload.

But not just with reading too much, but
with spending time reading all the latest
"guru" launch emails... or watching their
videos, or surfing facebook, or yep, reading
the WF here.

I soon started to realize that hours of my
day would go to doing non-productive

I mean, I'd read hundreds of emails, i'd
go on Facebook for a while, I'd read a few
articles, I'd read some posts here, and
I'd watch some of the latest "guru"
content videos.

And the more I did this, the more i realized
that this was not making me any money.

All this wasted time was simply keeping me
from reaching my goals.

So these days, I limit the amount of email
I receive and read.

I go on Facebook at night, after i'm done working.

I simply don't watch any more of the guru
launch videos.

And without fail, my income has more than
quadrupled over the last 2 years.

Each and every day, I ask myself one thing
in the morning:

What activity, can I do right now, that
will get money coming in faster and
in less time.

Then I focus on that.

And it just so happens, that all of my
answers are productive stuff that
either involves me working on getting
traffic, or increasing conversions, or
writing copy.

In other words: DOING and not
reading or goofing off.

that's how my entire day is structured

Every hour, i simply ask myself "what
activity can I be doing, right now, to
get money coming in fast"

and I can assure you, it's not surfing the
web, playing on Facebook, watching a guru
video, or any of the "information overload"
I was dealing with.

So, take a look at your day and really
see if there are spots you can eliminate
wasted time.

and do what I do... continuously make sure
you're focusing on tasks that lead to making
money and not wasting money.

If you stay aware throughout the day, and
only do those things that have the potential
to make you money, your income will increase.

It's really the act of DOING that makes money
online, it's not the act of watching or reading.
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    Focus ! Bye

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    Ironically, this looks like its been copied from an email.

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    This is a pretty simple minded way of doing things but the beauty of it is that it works. Too often some of us get caught up on "wanting and edge" and feeling that there might be some "secrets" that the gate keepers do not want us to know... unless we spend money buying their latest product. Don't get me wrong, it's good to learn from others, but also, once you have a feeling that you won't royally screw up, then you should just take flight... in one direction. Thanks for the post.
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    This is truely the essense of successful online marketing. K.I.S.S
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    Great post. I had to discipline myself to do the same. I used to find opportunities that make a little money, but than try to find something else that makes more money. I have learned that I should stick to whatever makes money and grow it as much as I can.
    Like fiverr and cpa offers. I use to make pennies off those things, but now they keep me at home. So my advice is to stick to whatever makes money and push yourself to build those small profits.
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    It won't work, unless you work it. I like to take a look in the morning to get my creative juices flowing, but so many times I have to tell myself...just skip the BS part & get to work already. It does help save time & that's money.
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    Cardinal rule - don't mix work with pleasure! Social networking can wait until evening and emails can be replied to once in a day. Set goals for completing tasks through the day and reward yourself after you have completed the targeted amount of work in a day.
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    So true. I've fallen prey to the same trap. Now I set a certain time of day for "reading" and the rest of the day is "doing". Much more productive.
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    Good tips and well said I always write a TO-DO List and check off each task I have until I am done for the day.

    It is very easy to be glued to the computer wasting tons of time if you don't have your daily to-do list.
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    You are totally right..and I just lost a few dollars by wasting my time and reading your thread ..but applying your advice, I'll get tem back soon, and increase my overall profits..


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  • Spot on, Shawn. Up until about 2 years ago I spend more time reading the hoard of emails that arrived in my inbox on a daily basis and then checking out all the 'shiny objects' on offer. As with 99.9% of other IM's I purchased quite a few of these 'shiny objects', a lot of them total garbage (although sometimes I didn't even get as far as trying the s/w or 'loophole' out) - always on the lookout for the next WSO or product that would change my life and actually make me some money.

    All you end up with is information overload and not really sure where to go or what to do next.. The change for me was when I decided that enough was enough, I chose a 'path', unsubscribed from about 90% of the lists that I was on and actually got down to doing productive work on a daily basis that took me further down my 'path'. Even if some of my actions failed, I learned from them.

    Bottom line...just take action, if you don't you have no chance of ever succeeding.
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    Just yesterday I was talking to a restaurant owner who is also managing
    a ski shop to get by. I'm thinking that if he spends - or delegates
    to someone - just one hour a day marketing his restaurant and starting
    weekend delivery, he can relatively quickly leave the ski shop and get his life back.
    Just simple things such as flyering his specials and delivery offer, getting
    his mobile site and website done, repairing the light that shines on his sign...


    PS. I like short lines as they are easier for me to read.
    (I actually read that in some guru's email that you should do
    30 characters or less because of the way the eye focuses.
    But that was wasting time.)

    "If you think you're the smartest person in the room, then you're probably in the wrong room."

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