Wordpress or Joomla? What would you use if you were me?

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A national company with no presence on the internet asked me to build a marketing campaign for them. I am building the campaign and thought it might be a good idea to use some quizzes on their site.

Does anyone have any suggestion about a joomla or wordpress plugin or any third party service that would allow great quizzes to be built ?
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    Short answer: Wordpress + WP Survey and Quiz Tool

    I have set up and run a whole lot of Wordpress sites. In my oppinion it's the best.

    About WP Survey and Quiz Tool, I have never used it, but it seems good from the listing on Wordpress.org plugins list.

    If you want alternatives, search here for "survey" and select only ones with a 5 star rating and a few dozen reviews: WordPress › WordPress Plugins

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    WP gives you more options, period. I mean, look at the future of services you will be perfomring for this company and I guarantee you whatever they request you will be able to find a WP solution/plugin for....with Joomla you will be limited to some degree. Go with WP all the way.
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    Few years ago I would have gone for Joomla but
    Now Surely I would go for Wordpress, it is faster to implement setup
    with it.
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    Must WP. You can use some great Quiz plugins like mTouch Quiz
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      It appears that given what information you've provided, Joomla is far more than you need for the job.
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    ah joomla, I remember it fondly. Moved to wp 3 or 4 years ago and haven't had a single regret.
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  • Wordpress for the support and community. If you have any issues with your site, it is not tough to find someone that will help you for free or paid. The community is awesome with a plugin for just about anything. Good luck!!
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      Are you willing to go beyond the plugin? If so, there are a lot of good php and perl scripts for creating and managing quizzes.
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      Honestly, for a site for a pretty large company it sounds like, I would use Joomla because it has far greater security. Any WP site can get hacked like nothing... happens all the time every day. Joomla is far more resistant to hacking as well as less of a target for hackers for many reasons. I would think a national company would want a more secure site over one that can get set up a few hours faster.
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    Hi there,

    I only know wordpress and I think most people use it! I heard there were issues with Joomla -not that there aren't any with wordpress- but It's popular, easy to use and constantly updated!

    Did a little research and found a list of the 10 Best Wordpress plugins for 2013!

    Here is the address!

    Top 10 WordPress Plugins 2013

    Have a great day!

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      What else, besides the quizzes, you want the site for?
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        It will be mostly a regular site, with quizzes related to tax filling, asking tricky questions to make people realize they should hire an accredited accountant.

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        Agence Marketing Montréal

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          Since this is not your personal site and is for a national company, for security reasons, I suggest Joomla. Like the poster above me said WP can easily be hacked. However in most situations I would suggest WordPress.

          also Joomla is best for e-commerce sites
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            Joomla is more robust and powerful. Or used to be... WP is catching up fast.

            About hacking, I have had joomla sites hacked. Security updates need to be done no matter what.

            One thing to consider is who is going to add content to the site. I find joomla easier and build most of my sites with it. But when I was making websites for others, some of my clients found harder joomla than wp.

            In short: both will give you what you want. So maybe you can change the question... in which platform you will be able to provide the best service, and in which platform your clients will be happier?
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            Originally Posted by TheFBGuy View Post

            Since this is not your personal site and is for a national company, for security reasons, I suggest Joomla. Like the poster above me said WP can easily be hacked. However in most situations I would suggest WordPress.

            also Joomla is best for e-commerce sites
            Wordpress can easily be hacked if you use the default install values or, even less secure, the Fantastico one-click install.

            There are a lot of resources out there, both paid and free, that will help you harden your installation. Selecting usernames, passwords and database names that are hard to crack (just use your favorite password generator) will go a long way.

            It's kind of like auto theft or burglary. Unless you have something so valuable that a skilled and determined pro will go after it, you don't have to be perfectly secure. You just have to be a big enough pain in the ass to hack that the hacker goes looking for easier pickings.
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    No second thought, WP is the best..
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      There really isn't a choice in my book. You go WP all the way.
      The list of plugins is amazing. Plus when you ask a question on a forum you don't have to start by saying anyone know Joomla?
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    If you are doing this work for a 'national company' I would definitely use Joomla over Wordpress.

    I've done probably 150+ site flips (from static to CMS) and right now I'm seeing a lot of people moving from Wordpress to Joomla (and others). Wordpress was and still is a blog platform no matter how many upgrades they do to the core. Joomla is a pure CMS. I'm very familiar with Joomla (I've been using it since the Joomla / Mambo split) and I can do anything that I can do on Wordpress in less time.

    With that said I've been using Wordpress since Blogger came out (2000 or so?), so I'm very familiar with that too, but I would still recommend Joomla for this job.

    Hope this helps :-)

    EJ Lear
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    It depends on what your preferences are. WordPress is easy to use and quite enough for your project, as to security - you can make it secure, as any other site, nothing is 100% hacker proof by default. however, Joomla may give you more space for development, if that's the plan.
    See this infographic on Joomla vs WordPress might be fun


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