Where to find offers to promote to an IM/MMO list?

by cephla
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I've noticed some big time marketers send me some big-ticket offers that seem quite lucrative for someone who has money to spend on them.

My question is: where does one find such offers? Most of these offers don't have any visible affiliate page.

At the same time, where does one find lower valued offerings in the IM and MMO niche?

There is Clickbank but most the offers that work seem to be saturated at least for list in the IM niche.
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    Cheaper stuff, check out Warrior Plus and JVZoo. Just be careful not to simply bombard your list with offers and, as with everything, check out the quality first.
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    Great! Thanks for reminding me about JVZoo. Totally forgot about that marketplace. Definitely some great products there, along with the Warrior Forum.

    Any recommendations for higher valued offerings?
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    If you're looking for higher ticket offers, I've noticed a few on DigiResults and the like. You could also dig a bit deeper on Clickbank to find some more expensive, less promoted offers. Best of luck!
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    Originally Posted by cephla View Post

    There is Clickbank but most the offers that work seem to be saturated at least for list in the IM niche.
    I don't believe in saturation, myself, but in any case there's not much point in promoting IM/MMO offers from ClickBank, as an affiliate, because many of the customers you do manage to produce are only going to buy through their own hoplinks anyway, not through yours. It's entirely legal and permissible to do this, so why wouldn't they? Promoting the product is one thing, but getting paid for the sale is another matter altogether.
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    A lot of the higher ticket MMO services require you to be a member or owner of the product before you can promote them. Personally I don't promote clickbank products to this market for the reasons Alexa pointed out. I do, however, believe very strongly in promoting high ticket products and services. I also think it's very important to find services where you get a recirring income stream from, but as I said, you will most likely have to be a member of these kinds services.
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    Maybe an alternative would be to find out what your list wants and give them exactly what they desire. I think your chances of converting them to buyers will be a whole lot better. There is a reason why you didn't buy the big ticket item and that's because it's not what you want.
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    I'd definitely agree with Alexa about affiliates signing up for themselves. The markets you're targeting are aware they can do that.

    Some programs on Clickbank only allow white-listed affiliates to promote them. That would cut down on the commission leakage a lot.

    And remember to sort Clickbank by average rebill total if you're after higher paying programs.
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    Hi everyone,

    Apart from clickbank you can check clicksure

    it is a nice one too!

    All the best

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      Regnow has a handful of products like Ultimatedemon. GSA search engine is on Plimus and they also have a handful of products.
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    You can also go to Warrior JV to find upcoming launching in the Warrior Forum.

    Sign up and then click on the JV invite link to view what is being offered. You can also look at their sales funnel and the affiliate commission being offered.
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    Most big internet marketers promote their own products and you may not find them on Clickbank. You can check Offervault.com if you see an offer but can't find it listed anywhere.
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    There are lots of places to find affiliate programs for the im niche. My first advice would be to figure out what offer best suits your list or target market and then search Google for "Sub-Niche + Affiliate Program" and see what comes up.

    Or you can try searching big name marketers + affiliate program. Either way you're going to come up with lots of results.
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