Build and Promote a Destination, not a Simple Product

by Eric Lorence 6 replies
After reading all of the horror stories about ripped-off content, it amazes me how ebook products are still being promoted as one of the best methods of building a business in IM.

Another is article marketing of affiliate products, I don't know about you, but writing articles is a tremendous amount of work.

Forget the writing, the research alone can consume entire weeks, building a campaign from start to finish.

Why spend so much time building all of these single focus, one page long copy sites, for someones product other than your own?

My opinion is to invest all of that energy into building a destination site, full of information, and can be configured to promote most anything you want.

The millionaires of IM are happy to provide you with websites, promotional materials, ebooks, ect, for good reason. Making you 1 of thousands of poor affiliates all with one purpose, "To spread their Name", not necessarily for you to earn money.

They know that a customer, upon landing on your "pitch page", if interested at all,
will simply leave your page and do a search of the product name.

Since your site is only 1 long ad copy page, information starved costumers will do extra searching just to be sure about their purchase.

That is exactly what these "Guru's" expect, and where does the search take them?

To a search page with your ppc ads?, Maybe so, unfortunately, the very product home page you are trying to sell will usually be the first organic search result. by far the most clicked result before any PPC ads.

Where do you think they will buy from then?

Food for thought!
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    They will get into the guru's list and be sold to continually. Unless they opt-out.

    But they will most probably subscribe to other people's list and the cycle continues.

    Sometimes, it is funny. Some people end up buying 2 products of the same kind, not realising they have bought it before. Most probably what happened is they just chuck their ebooks into some unfound folders to collect cyber dust.

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      I'm with you there, it's all about the backend, these days you really have to have a complete system, membership site, forum etc, to build the big incomes.

      Most people will never act or become repeat customers after just buying 1 eBook.

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