My site appears on a list of "spam" sites. What do I do next?

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I just used a website called Barracuda Central to check the domain names of my sites. This service (free, apparently) identifies sites that have been used by spammers and it gives you an instant verdict on whether your site is okay or not.

One of my sites is listed as problematic. It is listed as being on their "intent block list".

Not sure what to do next. Has anyone used this service and can they shed light on what this really means and what I should do next to address this situation?
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    I would check this one and see if you have any alerts here, just enter your domain.

    BLACKLISTALERT.ORG - Email Problem ? - Test if your IP or DOMAIN is blacklisted in a spamdatabase
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    Also what you may not be aware of, is domain checks go back to IP and they can go back years! So your IP may be shared with someone or used by someone in the past for spam. Also, you can get flagged for having email systems not properly configured or sending out to old emails and things of that nature. Best bet is go to the site you are flagged at and check out why, how to fix the issue, and then the process for being removed. Usually its just enter your IP and then they remove it, or wait 3 weeks after last date of the problem being detected and it will be automatically removed, easy stuff like that.
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        Originally Posted by jokerthief View Post

        What can you do if you're wrongly blacklisted?
        You aren't really ever wrongly blacklisted. Black lists are completely independent and can blacklist according to whatever reasons they want. HOWEVER, black lists are nothing more than list someone wrote until web sites find their black lists valuable and use them in spam filtering. ie. Joes Black list hates everyone and black lists sites for no reason, well GMail is not going to bother using Joes black list because it is terrible quality and not useful. So Joes black list is just a bunch of IPs Joe has saved on his server and does absolutely nothing.

        Just go to the site of the black list you are on and read their policy on getting off the list. It is usually very easy.

        The only MAJOR one you MUST make sure you aren't on is
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    Hi everyone,

    if I were you I would contact the owner
    Of the site you've checked where your site
    is as a spam and ask them why?

    Just that!

    All the best

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    If it's your IP, then it's from spam sent from the same IP as yours.. if you're on shared hosting, it could be any of the other customers on that server.

    If it's your domain listed, then it has been promoted via email they've identified as spam..


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