Where can I get a good "text only" PSD template?

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I often find it advantageous to post image ads on craigslist instead of text. That way I can post duplicate ads all across the country by just slightly altering the ad file/size and using different domains. Normally I will use graphical image ads but lately I have found that just using plain text can also be useful. But I am finding it difficult to create a decent looking "text" image that is easy to read.

An example of a text image would be a 800 x 1000 transparent PNG block with nothing but plain text. This way the text itself cannot be found from a search.

I have some templates for WSO templates, etc but I am wondering if anyone knows where to find plain text only PSD templates that can easily be edited in photoshop? I know photoshop has text function but so far mine have all looked terrible.
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