Fatherhood and Affiliate Marketing

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As a soon-to-be father and wanna-be affiliate marketer, I'm concerned that I won't have the time to commit to the business as I like to.

Any suggestion on how to maximize my time and continue my affiliate journey?
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    Are you employed? I can imagine the strain of a full time job, father to a new born, and also an affiliate marketer, to be quite strenuous. However, if you're willing to lose some sleep I'm sure you'd be able to fit it in. I wouldn't recommend it though.

    Alternatively, you could run a small campaign and commit an hour a day towards it. It wouldn't be as successful because you wouldn't be marketing as much but you would hopefully get some experience out of it all.
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    Yes I'm employed. Matter of fact I have 10 to 14 hour days sometimes.
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    Hey man,

    First off, congrats on adding to your family!

    Secondly, the best way to make a full-time income with affiliate marketing is to build your list, and the highest quality list is a buyers list.

    I don't know much about you but I'm going to guess that you have tried a bunch of different ways of making affiliate commissions am I right?

    If you want some help add me on Skype (ID: sem3737) and we can chat a bit so I can give you some free advice on how to get started... don't worry I'm not taking coaching students now and this isn't a scheme to sell you anything, but I just know what it's like to struggle online and try every different scheme with no results. So this is my way of giving back to the forum!

    Add me.


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    It's all about choices. First you need to prioritize the major areas in your life, then you need to prioritize the aspects of those major areas. You obviously are going to be short on time, so you'll need to make every minute count. If you watch TV, play video games, or do stuff of that nature, you might as well quit now.

    As far as your business goes, you really need to analyze what's making you money and what isn't. As soon as you figure out that something isn't working, stop doing it.

    Congratulations by the way. Make your kid your priority.
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      I was in the same boat last year, and we were expecting twins! I setup my first website just one month before they were born, it was really hard and juggling a full time job, newborn twins and trying to build and run a website was near impossible.

      I actually found doing the web stuff a bit of a release from it all, and sure you work long hours and things will be tough for a while, but it will all be worth it in the end. You do just have to prioritise your day, and don't try and do too much too soon.

      I have now quit my full time job and do IM full time, and I get to spend all day with the kids - stick with it and it will pay off!

      Best of luck
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    Congrats on having your newborn!

    I have 2 girls, ages 2 and the other will be 1 on Feb 9th. My first daughter was about 3 months when I started online marketing.

    There are many factors that play a role in a situation like this.

    Your wife or girlfriend has to understand what you are doing and the time requirement it takes, that's if you live with her.

    I do most of my work when my girls are napping and at night when they are sleeping. I also work on my campaigns while I'm at work. I know your job might not allow that, but if so, get some things done then too.

    Also, my wife will watch my girls if I have a webinar or video recording to do.

    It's all about taking advantage of the little time you have, you know...

    Like "thisisjack" stated, just work on a little a day.
    Overtime it will all add up!

    It can be done!

    Congrats Again!

    Marc Bell
    Marc Bell Marketing.com | Branding. Selling. Networking
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    As others have stated, I would focus on building a list and starting a blog about something you are passionate about. This way you will be more likely to stick with it more longer.
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    Originally Posted by chillbeariv View Post

    As a soon-to-be father and wanna-be affiliate marketer, I'm concerned that I won't have the time to commit to the business as I like to.

    Any suggestion on how to maximize my time and continue my affiliate journey?

    Congratulations are in order

    The only way around this is to work at your business when you have the time, even if it's 1 hour per day which would be a good start.

    Maybe you could get up an hour earlier each morning or cut out the things which arn't important such as TV or the radio etc.

    Another great suggestion would be to use your lunch breaks at work to work on your biz providing you have the tools to do so.

    Taking small steps each day will still help towards achieving your goals
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    How bad do you want it? If affiliate marketing is a hobby then you probably won't have much time, especially with your other obligations. However, if you your really want and need the additional income, you'll find a way to make it work.

    If need be, cut down on TV etc.
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    Depends on your method.

    If you are just doing affiliate blogging like me, you won't have any specific time constraints, but your income is based on work for the beginning portion.
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    Its a good thing to be a father. But you cant really be a FULL TIME affiliate. If its time for work, focus on work. Don't think about any other things. But my best advice,do not focus much on being a marketer, be a good father. Keep in mind that all you do, is for your child and wife, so what good it is if you have lots of money, but dont have the knowledge about your child?

    I make $50 every 3 hours. Learn my methods here: eliteincomeprofits.com

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    Put yourself on a light free marketing schedule and do some heavy advertising. That'll give you alot of time, and enough time to see results and decide whether or not you should stay in the niche.
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    Congrats man. I'm a father of 4 girls two teens and two tots. I own a lawn care business and i'm a marketer. Find some peace can be difficult but it can be done. Try to see what you can outsource as much as possible. I spend my free time planing and spend my spare change leting other put it to action.
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      Having a baby and getting your business off the ground can be done. I was just blogging about it a few days ago, as a matter of fact.

      Your best bet? Outline a plan of attack. You'll be tired and that baby will turn your world upside down. Having a written "to do" list will help you remember what you need to do.

      Work on each step of your plan as you have time. Don't freak out if it takes you a while. It'll get done. Really.

      I've got an almost 9 month old who is learning to walk and into everything. It feels like it was just yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital. The time passes quickly. Don't focus so hard on your business that you miss out on what's really important.

      Enjoy your baby and get some sleep if you can .
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        Thanks for all the ideas and suggestions. Now I have a clearer understanding of what I need to do.

        I have to plan out a strategy to maximize my time and be productive in all aspects of my life...in taking care of my soon-to-be child and my quest to be a affiliate marketer.
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