What Are You Doing Differently For 2013?

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It's been almost one month down and we're nearly 1/12th of the way through a new year.

What have you changed about your MMO venture this year? Whether it be just a website, your entire business model or something differently? What has changed for you?

Myself: I stopped writing for cheap penny-slave drivers and I learned a lot about how clients and contractors are supposed to work together. I had a $5,000 day and I have had a lot of realizations. I suppose I have changed my entire business model and seen drastic improvements in just a short month.

I want to hear what you're changing for the new year, what new strategies you're implementing and how your business is changing.
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    I'm trying to learn how to FOCUS more better this year. I think that is what causes many newbies and internet marketers to fail. They look and try to find a new shiny object instead of focusing on one proven method
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    You are doing $5000 a day? that is very great and I would also love to have that, but my dream really is to have 5 digits a day.) anyway, more focus and more determination on my business. maybe that's whats been lacking of me.

    I make $50 every 3 hours. Learn my methods here: eliteincomeprofits.com

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    Hopefully make an actual product.
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  • I am focusing more on list building and building relationships with my list, I have always put list building as my main priority but this year I have stepped it up and spending more money and investing more time on it.

    Also I plan to produce my own product which I am working on right now.

    My work contract ends in May this year with my current job I would love to be able to quit and do this full time.
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    I would be focusing on creating my own products and also a membership site..good luck all
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      Simplify, Simplify, Simplify! That has been my mantra for 2013! I had way too many things on my plate, which was resulting in less than desirable results for where I wanted to be. Now that I have let go some niche sites and other projects that I was working on, I feel so much more focused on my writing business, as well as a freelancing website that I had let go a few years ago!
      — Stacy —
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    Looking into Product creation As always building my list.
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  • I am resisting the every-day urge to outsource SEO.

    I'm doing it right this year with my new website. Because the 'natural way' is the better way in the long run.
    Famous for my '$1000 dollar challenge,' I've been teaching people how to DOMINATE on eBay for YEARS. Sell 100% of your items FOR A PROFIT. Rank higher, sell faster, sell more, and DESTROY your competition with a data-based approach. Quit listening to Guru's-in-training! Click now below!
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    In 2013 i'm upping the anty. Running more ads, doing more free marketing, simply getting more backend sales. So far so good.
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    For this year, I am learning how to do better in email marketing so that I will be able to get better results from the small list that I already have. I will still continue to grow my list size but I will put more focus on how to write better emails to get better conversion.
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    This year im focusing on kindle publishing i set goal to make $20k per month..Also plan on creating some successful WSO.. What i have change for 2013 so far is to take massive action.I think this is a big reason why so many people never have success is they don't take action..
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    The main thing I am doing differently is turning a focus to residual income. Rather than work 5 hours to make $1,000 one off, I would rather work the same 5 hours to make an extra $200/month recurring with minimal upkeep.
    Always looking to invest in or partner with people on business ideas. PM me!
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    I'm doing pretty much the same thing I've been doing for the last 6 years. Although instead of just selling higher priced offers, I think I am going to build a subscription site this year.
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    1. to Start a membership site (High quality one)
    2. Hit my 4000 subscriber list
    3. get my 1000 WF posts (No crap post, all quality posts, check out mine so far)
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    Definitely focusing on a few things instead of trying to do too many. Working more in the areas for which I'm passionate and letting go of some tasks that were just time wasters.
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    I'm running things leaner, and paying more attention to logs. Focusing on efforts that really produce traffic that converts rather than just guessing.
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  • Profile picture of the author datingworld
    have a great success with SEO so far,
    will be using paid advertising to boost my income..
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    I have moved my focus to authority sites, and have decided to get rid of at least 30 domains I never had the time to work on.

    I also focus on product creation and hopefully 1-2 membership sites.
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      This year I will be focusing on the art of marketing not just the concept of it.
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    This year I will focus entirely on my new clients: the Kindle publishers.

    GUARANTEED amazon kindle rankings in 6 weeks or less.
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    Adrian Kindle Danut
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    This is a Great Thread. The biggest change, I have made is to drop a lot of the clutter that wasn't working, just doing that the results have been incredible

    Applied Education is the difference

    Read the reviews on list building & blog promotion, so you save time & money

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    I think I will focus on using up every single resource I have. In other words, I will try to use every single money making methods I know.

    I will most likely focus on forum posting a lot.
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  • Having another punt at Paid Advertising but doing it properly this time. Tracking everything, no guesswork this time.

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  • Profile picture of the author WillWin
    To actually do work instead of looking for the easy way have a website created and don't stop until my site is page 1 for multiple keywords

    Create a successful WSO

    These are my goals for the ENTIRE 2013

    Part 1 has already begun waiting on the finished product
    "The purpose of life is to dream,to desire,to believe,to achieve"
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  • Profile picture of the author sal64
    Back to the future for me...

    Forget all the latest fancy stuff and get back to good old fashioned, time proven marketing principles and methods.

    Provide real outstanding value to my customers.
    Internet Marketing: 20% Internet - 80% Marketing!
    You Won't See The Light Until You Open Your Eyes.
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    Personally I'm focused on becoming a better ME for a better YOU, whoever they may be. I realize that I am my business. What I learn, how I teach, how I help, being honest and truthful, my expertise is all that I can bring to the marketplace. If I don't become better then my business can't become better.
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  • Profile picture of the author Dan J
    Unsubscribe from every marketer's list except for a select few, set myself up a weekly schedule, give insane value to my subscribers, continue building my online empire, and of course - working harder, playing harder :-)
    Email Copywriter For Established Info Marketers
    I write emails people look forward to reading, clicking and buying from. To learn more, click here.
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    • Profile picture of the author malcsimm
      Corey - sounds like you are kickin it!

      For me the diff in 2013 is mainly around focusing more on social and less on Google. That means G takes more notice of you too.

      So every post gets linked to social networking sites: and visitors will get asked to share to get useful information.

      And keep ignoring the sh*t emails as usual, LOL.


      You WILL banish # Procrastination, # Email bloat, # Wasting time, # Wasting money
      Getting Things Done PLUS Evernote turned my life around - read here how I do it
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      Originally Posted by Dan J View Post

      Unsubscribe from every marketer's list except for a select few, set myself up a weekly schedule, give insane value to my subscribers, continue building my online empire, and of course - working harder, playing harder :-)
      Ha HA yea I have a separate email address for staying on every marketer's list you can actually get some good ideas just through scrooling through all the emails lol

      I will be pushing boundaries in 2013 Remember take time out to plan your 2013 so you don't keep getting the same results, steer your life towards your goals and passions. I want you to think about what you want for yourself in 2013. I want you to start visioning, dreaming and scheming. Get in to the feel of what you want 2013 to be like for you. Do not allow things to just happen to you this year. Decide who you want to be, and be it. Decide what you want to create, and create it. Also remember its not all about money it's about self-development SELF MASTERY looking within seeking what your true calling is following your life's purpose reaching your full potential and following your goals and dreams. 2013 is the year...make it happen
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    better relationships with affiliates and network reps
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  • Profile picture of the author sal64
    Some great ideas on this thread and kudos for the commitment.

    However, single goals in themselves are not the solution. success from this business comes from products, list, and marketing so if you have been doing 1 or 2 of these things then, yes start on the 3rd... but make sure you devote equal time to all 3.

    a great product is useless without good copy and list to sell it to. A big list is useless if you don't have a profitable product to sell them and so on and so on.

    Reading between the lines, I get a sense that too many people still have no real business plan when it comes to IM. If this applies to you, then the first and most important change you need to make for 2013 is to create a plan and then execute the plan.

    All of the above answers are great and all make up a part of the plan... if you catch my drift.

    Best of success!

    Internet Marketing: 20% Internet - 80% Marketing!
    You Won't See The Light Until You Open Your Eyes.
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  • Profile picture of the author MarcusJohnson
    Hopefully expanding business and increase marketing strategies...
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  • Profile picture of the author lior199
    In this year i'm focus on mobile marketing,i think this market have a lot of potential in this year. and i have good income from this so far.
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    • Profile picture of the author Broderick Boyd
      Plan on building a kickass membership site, releasing at least 4 new products to Clickbank with kickass sales videos for each product, building and nurturing my lists, and making some new kickass products.
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      • Profile picture of the author robertfrancis
        I'm going to stop reading and start doing. I spend so much valuable time jumping from thread to thread and I lose track of time and don't really accomplish anything. I am just starting out so I guess that's normal in the beginning...? I hope so anyway Sal64 is right. You gotta have a plan! I have to work on that too. Learn, research, create a plan and implement it. I know those are a lot of steps so before overwhelming myself (it may be too late) I'll stick to learning about IM first.
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