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I have been on here a couple of times in the past month trying to up load a premium theme I bought to my website.

Well I finally gave up, and went on Fiverr to find someone who could do it for me, because after numerous vids, post, and reading on how to do it. I could not get the theme to load right. It kept on giving me a warning like this.

Broken Themes
The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.
themeforest-2080989-wp-flexishop-2-a-flexible-woocommerce-themeStylesheet is missing

The guy said I was probably trying to load the wrong file. After unzipping the files they were in this order, license, documentation, parent theme, child theme, dummy data, resources, index php, and style.

So my question is, what was I doing wrong, or which files should have I transferred to the servers? I was using File Zilla, and the last files I tried to transfer was the parent theme and the child theme and still got the same warning?

Thanks, Ken

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