WSO Bumping?

by Aaron Moser 6 replies
Hey Warriors,

I just tried to bump my WSO using the new manual bump submission form but I get redirected to PayPal. Is there a fee for bumping your WSO's now?

I didn't see anything about a fee...

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    There always has been a fee for bumping WSO's

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      Cripes, if bumping WSOs was free it would be mayhem in there. Get your WSO on the first page for a whole thirty minutes.

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        This is a bit off topic....

        But I was wondering why you call yourself "Norcal dude" if you live in San Diego. LOL

        Frank Bruno
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          Thanks for the answers guys. This was my first WSO and I didn't see anything posted about a fee for bumping.

          Frank, Nice catch! I just moved to San Diego about 6 weeks ago. I've tried changing my WF name but my requests just went ignored. I'm guess I'm stuck with it.

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            Yeah I figured it was something like that but I thought I would just throw you some @!$it. LOL

            Frank Bruno
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            • The WSO section has been having some problems lately. I guess it's to be expected from a such a new forum.

              To bump your WSO, just fill out the bump form located at the top of the WSO section and then wait about 8-12 hours for the bump.
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