Your WSO's are being stolen

by Andy 12 replies
Hi Warriors,

I hope this is a wake up call for you. First, let me say plain as day...


I'm not even going to offer a solution - paid or otherwise. I don't even want to go into detail about what I've found out but...

Today, while invesitgaing a problem on a site I stumbled across a way to steal several WSO's. Many of you who know me, know I'd never, EVER download your product. It's simply not my nature.

But if I can find this so can someone else - especially if they are looking for it.

Now here's my problem. If I tell you how I did it, then someone else will come along and steal your WSO.

I have notified a couple of warriors I found but this is time consuming.

There are tons of ways to protect your products. If you think you're safe, think again.

But my question now is... how what do I do now? Just forget it?

God bless,

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    As someone who currently has a WSO running i would like to know this information so i can protect myself.

    I understand your dilemma though

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      I guess I don't quite understand - do they somehow get the download links illegally?

      - Darrell
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        Originally Posted by dbh View Post

        I guess I don't quite understand - do they somehow get the download links illegally?

        - Darrell
        Never mind - I answered my own question.
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      Could a service like E-junkie protect our products?
      "Better a student of reality than a master of illusion"
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      Well first I have to say good "looking out"....

      But second, it's really not your job to go around notifying merchants that their products might be getting ripped off.

      It's their job as a merchant to protect their own products and services. This has been going on for years and years.

      I see it all the time and I will continue to see it all the time.

      You have good intentions, and this is not about bashing on your intentions but we can't always save the world.

      Frank Bruno
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        You're right. I can't save the world - that job has already been taken.

        The thing is I was trying to find out how easy it would be to steal one of my products because something didn't look right with my stats.

        If I was walking by a store after hours and found the door wide open, I'd call a cop. I'd certainly appreciate it if someone were to clue me in on a gaping hole in my own marketing process.

        Spuds: yours didn't come up. That doesn't mean it couldn't but it didn't.

        There are lots of products and services out there to protect your products from theft... ejunkie, payloads, DL guard are some. There are others.

        I posted this because some simply don't know.

        God bless,

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          Stealing is not nice....

          Mommy Enterprises
          Helping Moms Make Money At Home $$

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            Why not draft a post on how to secure a WSO and ask Allen to "sticky" it in the WSO forum?

            If it is posted and people still leave their WSOs vulnerable then at least you tried to protect them.

            Digital Delivery HQ - great products, instant delivery.

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              Andy, I think most knowledgeable marketers know how, not only WSOs, but
              all products are stolen. This is easily stopped by using something like DLGuard.

              So all you really have to do is just tell people not to have their products on
              an unprotected URL and suggest something like DLGuard or a comparable
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                Just tell people when you see it, alert people that there's a problem and leave it at that.

                We all know that most WSOs end up on download sites anyway (don't we?) so the download links are not the only problem in this situation - even after people buy the product it gets put on other sites. There are sites that have "This is from the Warrior WSO section" and links to filesharing sites where a copy of it can be taken.

                It's a big problem that has many facets.

                Just do what you think is a responsible thing.


                nothing to see here.

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                  Hi Andy,
                  This is more than a WSO problem.. This problem has been on the internet for a very long time in many different markets. As a website developer and someone that builds scripts I learned long ago to protect what is mine.

                  I even have a few people on that think they are smart and can download my article publisher script and social network ebook. Basically they will look at the html to find the redirect on the opt-in form. What they dont realize is my downloads can only be triggered by paypal itself, a return must exist from paypal otherwise the downloads are never generated. My downloads are generated per order and not just sitting in some folder.

                  Course I built my own system because alot system out there are limited on protection. Bottom line though is this is more than a WSO problem and has been around for many years.

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                    Thanks Andy, this is a problem that has come up time and time again, and often it is because the download page is indexed.

                    I have used e-junkie in the past and that solves the problem so does DLGuard and even payloadz.

                    There are things you can do to protect yourself, but also be aware that there are known ways to see what is available.

                    The quick solution to see if your download page is available is to go to google and type it in and see if the site is indexed or not.

                    Don't use download or wso or other simple name for your download page.

                    Let's say I had a product which was on my site/download.html people who know my site name might try it out using some common word.

                    However, if you are running a wso then when you bump it change the download file name.

                    I tend to sit with my fingers at the keyboad and do the following
                    aeueth0c49u3tgcitucv90vbyaewif45 totally random and it isn't perfect but it is better than some solutions around.

                    I always remove the download and sales page once a wso is over.

                    If it is something I don't want to use a download protection for, then I will put the file on one of my sites and run the wso from another site.

                    I did a free ebook quite awhile ago and had an upsell for a licence for resell rights. From memory about 20 people here tried to guess the download page to get the licence. I had all their information, IP and it was an interesting exercise to see what names they tried to guess. The licence was protected as it was downloaded via w-junkie.
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                      I am not sure whether Andy and I am talking about the same website. But I have just found one that offers "stolen eBooks" to its members. It may not have anything to do with hacking, the initial copy may have been legitimately bought in the first place.


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