How viable is my idea for a joint venture?

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Hi all,

I'm an experienced copywriter and I've been freelancing successfully for almost a year. I have a good understanding of IM and I've ran social media campaigns for big brands. I've got a very basic understanding of Wordpress, but nothing in depth.

I'm interested in starting some kind of money making website. I'm confident with the copywriting, ebook writing and basic list building tasks, but my knowledge of web development and anything to do with affiliates really isn't up to scratch.

As such, I've been considering running a JV with someone who has skills that will compliment mine.

I don't know anyone in the 'real world' with such an interest or skills, so I guess the main problem would be finding someone to trust and work well with.

Has anyone had experience of this? Can it ever work successfully?

Any opinions greatly appreciated.
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    I dare say others more experienced in JV acquisition will provide you with additional and/or better advice but in your shoes, I'd create a product related to your social media campaigns in which you've got experience and then weeks (at least four weeks) before your launh, announce your WSO and invite JVs on board.

    The experienced ones will probably take control - ie have the content on their membership or static site (so they'll do all the housebuilding or outsource that to their experts) and launch it under their WF/JVZoo ID but you could offer to do the sales copy and provide the content.

    For example, you could have a product (pdf or video tutorials or a combi of both) on 'Discover How To .... Social Media Campaigns For Offline or Online Clients'

    Some proof of the income generated doing just that for your clients and then reach out for JV partners. There's a special thread for seeking out JV partners on the WF.

    Hope this helps.

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    Be sure to check out any JV deal before moving forward, carefully. Remember the bottom line to a lot of JV partners is, "what's in it for me?" so you want to make sure you cover what's in it for you as well no need to give away the farm. If you have something valuable to offer, then potential real JV partners will jump at the chance to work with you; so just pick the strongest solution after doing your research on any partner...

    Sounds like you have a solid idea...wish you the best of success

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    If you're looking to joint venture with someone who can set up
    sites and scripts for you you that is certainly possible.

    There are plenty of people who are great at web work who can't

    If they're also good at pay per click or some other skill that can
    help bring in traffic that would be great too.

    If all they can do is web stuff then you may be better off just
    outsourcing it.

    There are so many people on sites like Fiverr doing great work
    it seems crazy to give someone a percentage of your business
    to put up a simple website.

    Kindest regards,
    Andrew Cavanagh
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