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Hey Warriors,

I am excited to say I have started building a list in the IM niche about 2 weeks ago.

I purchased my first solo ad for 100 clicks 2 weeks ago and received 74 opt-ins. Which I thought was a pretty good conversion rate.

I have an email sequence where I mail out profitable niche ideas every 3 days then send them an offer 3 days after my 4th niche idea for a $47 clickbank product.

The problem I am having is that my first email got opened by 44 subscribers, my second was opened by 14 subscribers, fourth was opened by 12, and my offer email has been opened by 4 subscribers.

Does this happen with all email marketers? How can I improve on the conversion rates of which my subscribers open my emails?

Thank you for your response in advance!
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    There could be a number of reasons this is happening....

    1. The list could have been incentivized to optin to your offer. Where did you get the solo from? Did you read reviews?

    2. Did you incentivize your optin? Perhaps all you had were freebie seekers and tire kickers.

    3. You did not provide enough value to your list, so they were not interested in hearing what else you had to say.

    There are many other reasons.

    I susupect the biggest reason is point #1.
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    My advice is to build a solid relationship with your list by offering a lot of free things, and doing it often. NOT trying to sell them so often, and NOT trying to email them all the time. In the IM niche especially, you can bet your bottom dollar these people are getting mailed offers every day by at least a few other people. Show them something different and you should experience better success


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    this will always happen with your lists. The more steps you put between the subscribers and the end goal, the less percentage of people that will make it there.

    Don't be afraid to promote... you are investing in this traffic. Your job is to turn this $1 investment into a $1.50 return. It sounds like you're waiting 15 days before your subscribers ever see an offer.

    Keep in mind, that you've only built a prospect list too. These people have no reason to open your emails or listen to you yet. They don't trust you even though they may have entered their email.

    Your job is to build a buyers list.. so make sure to give your readers enough avenues to become a buyer. If they want a fix to the problem your helping, they will want to buy it now. Not in 15 days.

    The real relationship comes from your buyers... so don't waste too much time building your freebie list with all your amazing content and a bunch of free goodies. You're only training that list to not buy from you and to expect free shit.

    Great job on getting the solo ad and moving forward. I suggest a few OTOs in your sales funnel so you can make your money back quickly from the solos. That way you can reserve all your gold content for your buyers you create. This is where your profits come from anyways.

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    3 emails of profitable niches ideas?

    What are those people opting in for in the first place...

    You need to provide information related to what they are opting in for and then later a closely related product
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    Originally Posted by willisk View Post

    I purchased my first solo ad for 100 clicks 2 weeks ago and received 74 opt-ins. Which I thought was a pretty good conversion rate.
    Wow that nice conversion rate! Can you link your squeeze page here so i can have a look too please?
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    On average my email brodcasts get about a 20% open rate..

    Clickbank products are notoriously hard to sell as an affiliate in the IM niche!

    You should look at promoting some WSO's.. just make sure they are of high qiuality first before you go to promote them.. Nothing will destroy your business faster than promoting rubbish products.
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    Also ensure that the follow-up sequence aligns precisely with why they joined your list in the first place - while it could be freebie-seekers, it looks like once they saw the content of your first email they lost interest since it was not in line with their needs or wants.
    Kindest regards,

    Greg Ray
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    Are you only giving niche ideas every 3 days and finally promoting after the 4th niche idea email? If I do the math right, you don't sell until 12+ days after someone joins your list?

    You're taking way too long to sell to your list. People with deep pockets full of money will eventually get sick of getting freebies.

    Provide value and promote in EVERY email. You don't have to directly sell, but make recommendations and take advantage of using your signature to promote too.

    And yes, open rates will most likely drop over time. Which is why you always need to replenish your list with new subscribers. You may honestly not get any real results until you hit 2000+ subscribers.
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    Another thing to consider so that you don't burn out your list is to mail your "Un-Open's"

    Depending on what email service provider you're using you can segment out the folks who opened your email. So on day 2 for instance you can broadcast again and exclude that segment only mailing all the people who did not open your original email.

    Not only does this help the overall health / relationship with your list you can increase your overall open rate by as much as 10% over the course of 3 mailings.

    All the best
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    I suggest you offer OTO immediately after they subscribe.
    This is the best time to upswell them,
    Based on my experience, email follow up is not that effective on certain niches, such as IM.
    You need to earn back you solo ads expense ASAP in order to continue this business bonus.
    No point building relationship when you are broke.
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