What's Safer? Filezilla -or- CuteFTP?

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Hey Gang,

Been doing a little research and just wondering what you guys think? Which program do you think is safer for transfering files ==> Filezilla -or- CuteFTP?

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    Which program do you think is safer for transfering files ==> Filezilla -or- CuteFTP?
    What do you mean by "safer"? Both are safe in terms of FTP clients.

    But is FTP a secure protocol?... Nope.
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    I haven't needed to FTP in years. I use the filemanager in CPanel to do everything I used to do with FTP.
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    i personally use FileZilla...i like the format and its easier for me to do that than to log into my cpanel everytime i need to transfer something over.

    as far as being safe.....just do it through cpanel if you're that concerned.
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    Originally, there was no private key encryption.



    SSH is secure telnet
    SFTP is secure ftp
    Email STILL has no secure variant.

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    They are both essentially the same exact thing. I have used Filezilla for years.
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    I have used filezilla for some time.. And I got no problem so far..
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    OK, so then in Filezilla should we switch over to SFTP, and what port should we use?
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      Originally Posted by KylePeters View Post

      what port should we use?
      The port that the server is expecting. Try the default, if it doesn't work ask your host.

      But you still haven't answered as to what you mean by "safer."
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        I don't understand what your asking about which is safer. Both programs have been around for quite sometime. It just depends which program you get used to and become comfortable with.

        I prefer a FTP program over cPanel in my web browser because I can upload or download multiple files and folders much faster with a standalone FTP program.

        I use and I know many people use Filezilla FTP. I also know a few who use CuteFTP. I have never heard of problems.

        If you are uploading or downloading your files from your computer to your server I don't think you need worry.

        I am a photographer and I upload photographs to clients servers worldwide using Filezilla. I never had a problem.

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    I've used both for years with no problem. To me it seems a lot faster then cpanel. I use CuteFtp the most since I'm used to it.

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  • I doubt there is much of a difference. If your a chick use cute if your a guy use filezilla

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