Is the War Room Really Worth It?

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I am sure that there are 100 post about this exact same topic, but I wanted to share what I think about the War Room and How much is it really worth.

I don't frequent the Warrior Forum nearly as much as I should (although I am going to change that) but the War Room is one of the most awesome places to gain the knowledge that people need.

Inside you can get....

Facebook Strategies
Linked In Strategies
Free Graphics
Free Capture Pages
Free Ebooks
Free Sales Pages
Listbuilding Advice
Email Marketing Advice

The list is really endless.

The reason that I wrote this post is that 1 thing I read to today is going to make my business generate an extra 100K this year with only a few more hours worth of work....

Badass is the only thing that I can say!

Thanks Warrior Forum and Thank You for The War Room.

Jeff Mitchell
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    Is totally worth it for those who is willing to take actions and, take actions again and learn from mistakes...

    Good day warriors!
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    One of the best investments I've ever made.
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      I 100% Agree.. It is insane the amount of value from a $35 purchase. I think that is what I paid. It has been a couple of years, it could be more now. I needs to be at lest $97 or $197.

      It is worth it everyday.

      You can get more information there than you can in in many many $1000 products that you buy from all the "GURUS" online...

      My thoughts at least....

      Jeff Mitchell

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        Well worth it. There are a ton of WSOs in there, free of course. I really like the fact that when I want to implement another aspect of IM into my existing projects, such as Craigslist, Ebay, etc.., I just search the war room and usually come up with a couple WSOs or posts that help get me rolling. I found at least a dozen I feel are worth the $10.00 to $20.00 range.
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    Unless your going to do a WSO then not really.
    Peoples postings on here are so inconstant its not even funny.

    If you were on here saying you bought some WSO's and still cant make money people would be telling you to stop buying WSO's .. that you dont need WSO's because you can get the info for free.

    But instead your on here asking if a Warrior membership is worth it, and people are going to say yes, because you can get WSO's. Which is lame because many of these same people would say that you dont need WSO's in first situation.

    Ill break it down for you.
    I became a Warrior member a while ago just to do a WSO.

    I almost never get info that I need from the Warroom. In fact I dont even really go there much anymore because there is little there that I cant get other places. I have gotten a couple of things, a graphics pack (which I had to pay for anyway) a couple of PDF's with info that is available else where and I think a software that I never even bothered to use.

    But like I said I got it just to do a WSO. Now my WSO went good got a couple of hundred sales, but its important to note that most of the traffic came from the affiliates, very few sales came from the WSO itself or the warrior forum traffic. I would probably do another WSO however since there was profit from the sales I got through the forum.

    Summery: if your looking for info, you dont need to be a Warrior member. If your looking to do a WSO, you will need to be. If your looking to do a WSO and dont have affiliates, your probably going to be disappointed.
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    100% worth the investment. You will get the latest information at war room. If you are hardworking, vigilant enough, you will probably get a good head start over fellow warriors.

    Beside this, the fee is less than some of the WSOs out there.
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    Agreed.. There are just so much great information in there
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    Yep, I'm in agreement. The Warroom is definitely worth the investment. However, if you are a procrastinator and suffer from IO, you'll probably be worse off
    Strong Men and Women put themselves in harms way
    for the freedoms weak people give away for safety
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    Ya, I do agree.
    Many treasures there.
    Be careful to not lose the focus. Or you will spend too much time there.

    Don't worry be happy!

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    Yes yes yes....and yes....and also Yes!!! Ive been a member of the war room for 2+ years! its worth it
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    I heard there are some gems and for the most part it's useful posts condensed into one subforum.
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    U won't regret
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    Not sure what the price is now to join, I think it was $37 when I joined a couple years ago...

    The best $37 I have ever spent.
    Free 40-page eBook "How To Earn With CPA Offers"
    + 14 Free Traffic Training Videos -
    Click here now. (no opt-in required)

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    If you are still on the fence, thinking whether to be part of the
    War Room Family, you better do yourself the favor, and jump
    onboard right away!

    => I have enjoy ceaseless, and overflowing blessings ever since I joined.
    [Earn With Peace Of Mind] - Safe Online Investment Platform - Paying Since 2014
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    You should invest in the War Room. <--(period) However, I will say this: it's not what it used to be. Search is your friend to get the most out of your 20 year War Room subscription
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