Do You Buy Less Successful Products & Market Them?

by jhongren 7 replies

Recently, a friend shared with me how he check out less successful product and market them so that they can fetch a higher fee.

I think it is another form of online arbitrage.

I am wondering does any Warrior do this form of marketing.

Would love to hear about your story.

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    Do you mean he promotes as an affiliate?

    I often buy PLR products that don't look like they are selling well and change them and market to my list. Easy money!
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      Originally Posted by Tim_Carter View Post

      Do you mean he promotes as an affiliate?

      I often buy PLR products that don't look like they are selling well and change them and market to my list. Easy money!
      Hi Tim, What I meant is there are many dying products out there. What my friend did is go search for them, do a deal with them, jack up the price by 2 to 3 times more, write a really good copy and market the product and earn the difference.

      It has worked for him really well, without his own product and he has been bringing in 5 figures monthly just by doing that.

      And he is just a 22 year old Marketing student who complains "Why do I need to learn from my Marketing professor if I am earning much more than him?

      Just for sharing,
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        The very first roduct I created was in Personality Boosting niche... And though I didn't make a 5 or 6 figure income with it, I managed to get a good list of customers and prospects because of some JV partners.

        And yes, All I did was this..

        1. Take a few ebooks on the subject and decide which I like with PLR
        2. Selected 4 of them and got them rebranded...
        3. Created a salesletter
        4. Got the graphics done
        5. Launched it

        And it was good. But now I prefer creating my own products... That way I can earn 100% profits from thew traffic I get naturally.
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          I'm just starting in a niche that has a few CB products with low gravity. Looking at their sales pages, I see why (ewww). The best one has sales page issues (misspellings, format items, etc).

          My initial thought was to buy these items as part of my research, add what I know and some info I thought of and make a new, better product.

          So, it's kind of like why should I promote a faulty product for a $13-$18 commission, when I can quickly make something better, charge just $29 and walk away happy. Plus I've actually thought of an upgrade product.

          When I don't think about doing this is when the product's sales page is really good and would take me too much work to improve on (video, etc). I'm lazy and there's too many ways to make money without killing yourself.

          As a side note, I'd buy any product I was serious about. Much easier to market when you know what's behind the gate.

          Writer, graphics designer, avid reader, runner, hiker, and Internet junkie. Need my fix.

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            The first question I would ask.....

            Why is the product dieing?

            In the movies like Love Story.....that Ali Magraw chick got better lookin' as she got closer to death...but in real don't work that way.

            There are only two reasons why sales of a particular product suck:

            1. The product and market sucks.

            2. The marketing of the product sucks....which delivers the same result...nada sales.

            If the product sucks....why waste a breath giving it mouth to mouth....cuz death might just ease down your lungs at the same time....and get you'se two.

            If it's a case of the promoter being a marketing dumb ass....but the product has good fundamentals....then you can often jump in and rescue that loser for pennies on the dollar. In those cases it's often worth a shot.

            I like going after the "inventor" market.

            These people often have brilliants products....but they couldn't market themselves out of a wet brown paper the gizmo collects dust on a shelf....something that could sell.

            They don't know how to sell....they only know how to create. I have made some good money working with dudes who sell stuff in those tiny classified ads at the back of mags like Popular Science et al. True.

            xxx Vegas Vince
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