How to Stay Focused (And Save Money)

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I feel that I am like many people here on the WF. I am looking for a way to quit my job and make money online so I can spend time with my friends and family, and hopefully travel to the ends of the earth.

Unfortunately, like most people here, I also jump from one money making infoproduct to the next without ever taking ACTION. That is until I decided that I was going into information overload and new what to do, but not where to start.

What did I do to correct this zig-zag, circuitous path I was on?

1. Go on an info-product cleanse.

Stop looking for the next greatest money making product out there. Stop buying every "next great thing" product that comes out. Stop all membership/recurring billing products. Take a couple of days to enjoy yourself.

2. Come to the Warrior Forum and do a thorough research within the threads until you find a MENTOR or SYSTEM you like.

This includes joining the War Room, which has a wealth of free information (well, besides the $37 fee). Read the posts that interested you, including the replies. Especially look at the "Who is your favorite..." and the "Who would you like to mentor you.." type threads for ideas of who the good teachers are, not just people out to sell you crap.

3. Check out the websites of the recommend people, and the people you think has a system you can put to use TODAY.

This includes searching for them on Google and clicking through the links on their signatures. Read the sales pages of their products until you find someone whose copy strikes a cord with you.

4. Come back and do a search in the WF for that person and read ALL the threads pertaining to that person.

This includes their comments and comments that people had made about them (as people) and their products.

5. Decide on one of their systems and BUY IT.

Buy and watch the videos and take notes. Print out the pdf's and underline, hightlight, and take more notes. Finally, make an ACTION PLAN.

6. Use THEIR SYSTEM with your own market or niche. The key is that you take ACTION after creating your ACTION PLAN.

After indepth research, the system you choose should match with your current need and the person you choose to follow you should trust for being the correct person to take you down the right path.

7. Rinse and Repeat

A) If you come upon a problem that the current system does not answer, start your search for a product that would answer it in your pile of already purchased products.

B) Then look for a product that would answer the problem that was created by the SAME PERSON AS THE PREVIOUS PRODUCT. That is the whole point of having a mentor/teacher.

C) Then if you don't find anything, go through the same process as above.

I hope this helps some you, my fellow Warriors, to quit jumping from product to product, never getting anything accomplished. The key is to find a system you like, and stay focused on that one system until you feel you can move to a better/different one, but at least give one a chance by taking ACTION.

PS.. This was posted in the Mind Warriors Forum and I tried to get it moved, but it didn't happen so I just re-posted it here where I believe it belongs
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    Thanks for that Woody - I need to read this every day to keep me on track - it's so easy to get side tracked isn't it?
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    I find myself getting sidetracked and jumping from course to course. It is so hard to stay focused on one product at a time to completion.
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    Good post

    I used to read a lot of e-books too, but the problem was that I didn't do anything. I kept reading and reading always hoping to find something better.

    But in time, I started to realize that I was wasting time and money. So I chose a few methods and started to work on them.

    My advise to newbies is to stick with one or two methods and work on them until you succeed. You can then start to work on other methods once you get the hang of it.
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      Hi Woody,

      Nice one!

      Like you I find I am not the only one that has to battle with focus!!

      Here's my challenge, to add to yours! What to do to ensure that I/we are constantly staying on track with your steps to staying focused...?

      What works for me is to set an appointment to go off on my Outlook calendar for say, 8:30 pm, or say, 10am - what ever suits, and to be disciplined in working on my IM business at that time, and do nothing else...

      Thanks again!


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    Outstanding post, Woody, thank you!

    I'd add only one things. When looking for what you like and could try, be sure to evaluate the personal qualities or skills that are involved. Look for an approach that matches with your personality and interests. That will shorten your learning curve and make the process more fun.


    P.S. Which technique did you decide to focus on at this time?

    Success only requires four words.

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    Woody, thanks so very much for this great post.

    You're so right. I'm a total newbie to the "really need to find a way to earn more money online" crowd. There is so very much "stuff" out there, that it's mind-boggling. Being able to keep track of everything, figure out what is legitimate (and what isn't), and find the right niche for your needs can be really intimidating at times.

    I read your post and took notes!
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    This is a nice strategy.

    For me, the best way I found to stay focused is... outsourcing to others.
    Former Body Guard, Now REAL Traffic & List Building Coach
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    Winson Yeung said: "...Definitively A++ recommended WSO"
    Kevin Riley said: "Franck, glad to see you bringing out MORE and MORE GREAT stuff"
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    It's like you were writing about me. I have the same problem. Thanks for the great post!

    Free Niche Articles for your sites and blogs!
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    Great post Woody. I have actually done step 1, and some of steps 5, and 6 a few months back, and have been focused one method of making money online, and have had success with it.

    I still trying to find a good mentor/coach that I can work with, that will help my multiple the success I have had so far. I will use some of your tips to find them.
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    I know that you are trying to be helpful. However, the route that you are suggesting people take will just allow them to continue to avoid doing what they should be doing in the first place.

    Think about it.

    The kinds of people who jump from product to product to product are usually the kind of people who overanalyze everything and want all the answers BEFORE they take any kind of action. This allows them to avoid any kind of failure, mistakes, risk, or embarrassment, and stay safe.

    They use studying, and researching to avoid the real important things which are taking action.

    So to suggest that they should come on this forum and do more research, and research even more websites is just going to waste more time. Think of how easy it will be for these kinds of people to become distracted on those websites, or from other posts, and before they know it, a month or two has passed and they still haven't done anything.

    Make things a lot simpler.

    1) What does jumping from product to product allow them to avoid?

    2) (from 4 hour work week) What are the top 3 activities that you use to feel as though you have been productive, but are activities that are not really that important?

    3) Am I doing this just to continue putting off what I know I should be doing?

    Make a list of your answers. These things will be the tasks/actions that are time wasters. That are just not that important, or even irrelevant to your overall goals.

    Then you want to make a list of the action you need to do.

    4) (from the 4 hour work week) If this is the only thing I accomplish today, will I be satisfied with my day?

    If not then it is not that important. With this question you want to find the most important tasks for the day and focus on those.

    That's it.

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    • Profile picture of the author Woody C

      I tend to a point.

      What I am trying to promote are SYSTEMS that work, and sticking with a chosen system until you it no longer does what you need it to do.

      If you need to create a product then search on this forum for a post on creating info-products quickly and efficiently.

      The same goes for any subject or method that is needed for where they are in their IM universe.

      The main problem with most people is that they buy a product on copywriting, PPC, article marketing, and product launches all within a month and then they end up not using any of it because it is too much for them to handle. Therefore, they read but never take action.

      I don't believe that by writing down tasks, it will make a difference if they don't know what direction to go and what their ultimate goal is.

      I agree that action, specifically speed of implementation, is the best way to succeed, but you have to know what you NEED to accomplish first, so why not follow in someone else's footstep that has a system that works?

      If you were to buy The 4-Hour Workweek and put his systems (he has TOO many IMO in that one little book) to work, that would be the only book you ever need to buy. If you were to use all of them to completion. I bet that 99.87% of people that has read the book has not put anything they learned in the book to use.

      I am recommending researching before you buy a product then actually USING the product rather than jumping from one to the next.
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    Before I start working on any project, I assess myself on what areas I can and cannot do. For those items that are way beyond my skills, I get somebody to do it for me so I can focus on what I do best.

    It's a never-ending learning process, knowing oneself. You just have to be patient throughout.
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    Thanks a lot,

    it's a good reminder, I should have done so a month or two back but i guess starting now will have it's rewards anyway

    great post
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