How important is having an upsell for CB products?

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Im making a CB product. How important is it from an affiliate marketers point of view for the product to have an upsell?
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    That depends: how important is it for you to sell more of your product?

    Upsells work. If you leave them out, you're not even giving yourself a chance at all the extra income they could be generating.
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    For the affiliate it is the difference in making a small profit or a very nice profit. Remember once you send one of your subscribers to an affiliate offer you are also giveing one of your subscribers email address to another marketer.

    Today there is more competetion for every lead out there. So I want to get every dollar out of the subscriber that I can.

    Now if you are the product creator well you are just making every dollar that you can out of your customers.

    Joey Starkey
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    Originally Posted by bigballin6161 View Post

    Im making a CB product. How important is it from an affiliate marketers point of view for the product to have an upsell?
    From an affiliate point of view if you have an upsell they will make more commissions assuming you are offering a percentage on the upsell as well.

    If you are in a niche with a lot of competition it is of course a way to make your offer look more attractive.

    How important it will be depends on the affiliate.

    The MOST important thing is that your site converts and that you don't have a high refund rate.
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    I mean, it doesn't really matter what platform you're using (CB or other)...upsells are as old as money itself...they just plain work.

    Get my 149-Page Kindle Publishing System WSO FREE TODAY...FREE WSO TODAY!

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    If you want affiliates, you'd better run an upsell. It's extra commissions for them and extra income for you! No reason not to have one. Just make sure that it's not needed for the front end.
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    You're leaving money on the table if you don't

    For the affiliate, it's more revenue with less work. Helps increase your average$/sale on clickbank which means more affiliate might want to work with you.

    IMHO, there are pros and cons however to using upsell and it depends on what you provide as your upsell. I would ensure that it's something of added value and not a skimp (taking things out from the original product).
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    I've been a Clickbank vendor for several years, and only got around to offering an upsell last year. When I did so, 25% of my customers immediately started buying the upsell .

    The upsell I currently offer is $37, but I'm working on others that will be $97 and above. I expect that will significantly increase my income, as well as the income of my affiliates (which will make it easier to attract even more affiliates).

    Perry Marshall says that no matter what your business is, 20% of your customers will automatically buy your most expensive product - and I believe him, based on my experience. So if you're not offering an upsell (even better, multiple upsells and/or downsells), you're definitely leaving money on the table.

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    Upsells, downsells and cross-sells will make a HUGE difference to your business and quality of life.

    Only... make sure your upsell is a valuable offer in and of itself and isn't just part of your product that you took out and made into an upsell.
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