I made $500 but the vendor doesent want to pay me...

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I made $500 promoting a product as an affiliate...but now it seems that the sale and upsells were refunded so I will get $0...how do I make sure that there was really a refund...the vendor was using his own affiliate script...so he wasnt using cb or clicksure...

It can be very easy to scam affiliates by using the own script right?
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    You have to contact the site. or what product where you selling? you didnt establish a good contract?

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    I would always advise doing affiliate marketing through a reputable website such as Clickbank, JVzoo, WarriorPlus, etc. This avoids the risk of you getting scammed or losing out on some money that you are owed.
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    I would agree and only trust the big time vendors when I do affiliate marketing. it's the only way to fly.

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    How many sales was it?
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    Big companies are all of a sudden more honest than small
    vendors? How many complaints have I seen on the WF
    about "big vendors".

    Honesty doesn't go by size. You are either honest or

    -Ray Edwards
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    If a vendor is making money through an affiliate then why would they risk compromising that? The affiliate will naturally move to another vendor and the previous vendor is now down on sales.
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    Do agree with Ray, then how can specify the honest vendor or not?

    Don't worry be happy!

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    Don't you get statistics show what you sold, and what was refunded?

    There has to be a level of trust there, if there's no trust, you shouldn't deal with the company in the first place.

    I think that the size of the company means only that they have more to lose if they do something dodgy, but not that it prevents them from being dodgy and making excuses.

    Personally I'd just forget about it, and move on to your next sale. If you go to all the effort to prove it one way or the other, then what? Instead if you make more sales and it happens again, you know there's something strange going on.

    I used to do a job in sales, and the same thing used to happen there, but you can't think about it, you just concentrating on your goal.

    Martin Platt

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      Originally Posted by MartinPlatt View Post

      Don't you get statistics show what you sold, and what was refunded?

      There has to be a level of trust there, if there's no trust, you shouldn't deal with the company in the first place.

      I would never want to rely on trust for affiliate commissions. I want access to information on my sales, impressions, refunds, etc.

      For that reason, I would probably avoid private affiliate platforms like that.
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        Originally Posted by Raydal View Post

        Honesty doesn't go by size. You are either honest or
        So what you're saying is size doesn't matter?

        (I really couldn't resist)

        Just the same as vendors getting screwed by affiliates so can it go the other way.

        Necessary research not only applies to the product but also applies to who you are helping to make money.

        "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    There are a couple of things that could be going on here . . . and neither of them are good. You could be right and the vendor is scamming you. You have no way to tell for sure, but I'd go with my gut feeling on it. Or the product being sold isn't worth what people are being charged for it and are refunding when they lay eyes on it.

    "A bargain is something you don’t need at a price you can’t resist."
    -Franklin Jones

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    Honestly there is no way to really check, you have to do research and only promote from vendors you trust. Most people just promote anything without knowing a thing about the vendor, it's pretty much a crapshoot if you decide to go that route

    Most big affiliates have a relationship with the vendors they are promoting for, and have ways set up to track sales. Also, you have to make sure the product is not crap, it could be possible that they did get refunded.
    " I knew that if I failed, I wouldn't regret that.
    But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. "

    ~ Jeff Bezos

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    How many potential refunds were there? Did the refunds total 100% of the commissions owed or were there some orders not refunded?

    What is the product like? Was it junky and thus no surprise on the refunds? Did you contact the vendor?

    Lots of questions but if this was multiple order refunded then it sounds like something is off with vendor.

    I avoid vendors using affiliate scripts like amember but as said above you are either honest or your not.
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    Because the vendor is stepping over dollars to save pennies.

    If he is cheating you, it's his loss in the long run--if he's willing to damage a potential long term profitable relationship that could make thousands of dollars over 500, then he's short sighted, and will be gone soon--you're better to move off and find another vendor.
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    that is bad luck.. !
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