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Who here has used google images before on their campaigns? You could be breaking copyright laws and most likely are with this method. I use morguefile for all my images. You can't get in trouble. Anybody know any more royalty free image sites?

Hope your all off to a great start this 2013 season. If you have not make sure to review how your month went. Have a great day, night
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    Hi Ethan,

    You are very wise to be considering the ethics and legality if using images. So many marketers (even Warriors) skirt the law and figure as long as they don't get caught it's all good. Well it is not.

    One of the problems with "royalty free" images is that they are not always free for commercial use or require attribution.

    DoubleOhDave put out a great WSO about this called, "Photo Shoot". He's got a number of resources I didn't even know about, and I've been around IM for awhile.

    I think it is still available. You should be able to find it doing a Warrior Forum search under the words, 'Royalty Free Images For Commercial Use'.

    Hope this helps,

    Ernie G

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    Hi there, this is just what I said in a previous post! I did use images from Bing purely because at the time I didn't even know HOW TO INSERT AN IMAGE lol so, the thought of having to find, upload images from another site!! Ah!!!

    This said, it's not ethical and I am not doing it anymore!

    Here is a useful thread posted today I think! Good timing altogether! LOL!

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